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Being a Burden

ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 93 Budding Regular
How do you know is someone wants to talk to you? I just feel like I annoy everyone and bother them, I'm a burden and just waste peoples time.


  • DancerDancer Bog Off Justine! Posts: 6,310 Master Poster
    I don't really know how to know if someone wants to talk to you either. Sorry about that. I have one thing to say though- I'm the only burden and time waster on here.
    I'm a fruit loop. 🍊➰

    There's a part of me I can't get back.  A little girl grew up too fast. All it took was once. I'll never be the same.
  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    I get the same sort of feeling Eli. I can tell you that you're not a burden at all! It must be horrible to feel like you annoy and bother everyone. You give off a really nice vibe to me and I know for a fact that you're valuable and don't waste people's time <3
  • ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 93 Budding Regular
    @Kasa2103, you don’t seem like a burden or time waster to me ❤️

    @Kathleen07 thanks

    I just feel so empty like no one even cares anymore 
  • DancerDancer Bog Off Justine! Posts: 6,310 Master Poster
    Thank you but I am a burden and time waster. Don't know why I bother trying to get support anywhere. 
    I'm a fruit loop. 🍊➰

    There's a part of me I can't get back.  A little girl grew up too fast. All it took was once. I'll never be the same.
  • StephanieStephanie Moderator Posts: 953 Part of The Mix Family
    Hey @Eli444

    Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing? We are here for you, and care about you :heart:

    Sorry to hear you feel like your a burden, you can always talk to us here, you aren't wasting our time :heart:

    Do you want to talk more about anything?

    Sending hugs :smile:

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    - Albus Dumbledore 

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  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 14,399 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Youre not a burden <3

    youre worthy of peoples times. 
    Like sometimes we all like stress people out of something like our family or something but thats cause youre important and worthy of the time 
    no ones a burden cause all deserve what ever youre seeking 
    “ i think that deep down you still think life is worth living. It’s no where near over for you. You’re in pain. The thing you lost, Is the same thing that can stop that pain”
  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Sunny ScotlandPosts: 3,590 Community Veteran
    You're not a burden, and not wasting anyone's time! I honestly find it a pleasure talking to you, I know everyone can feel like this sometimes and some people may not want to talk, but they don't deserve your time 💖
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  • ElizabethElizabeth Posts: 93 Budding Regular
    edited January 2020
    Thanks @Stephanie

    It's so complicated, I just waste their time so I stop talking to them, but then I feel so empty and alone like no one care. I hurt myself to stop the pain of being numb, but then they get upset and ask why I didn't phone them (they think they can help, but there is nothing they could have done). I just don't want to bother them. They are upset with me, and it's just making everything worse. I always ruin everything, I don't deserve their support, especially cause of everything I've done to upset them.  :/
  • PoppyBPoppyB Posts: 228 Moderator
    Hey @Eli444 you've made a great step by talking about your feelings on the boards :)

    Firstly I want to just echo what everyone else has said about you not being a burden and you are not wasting anyone's time. Everyone has lows that they need help coming out of, and you are no exception. From reading your posts you seem very empathetic and easy to talk to - we are all here to listen to you and support you in whatever way we can <3

    Sorry to hear that people have not been supportive when you say that you have hurt yourself. How would you feel about telling them that their responses are making you feel worse? That may help to start a conversation around what support you need from them in those moments and they will know for the future.   

    Also, it can sometimes help to reverse the situation, for example, if one of your friends reached out to you, would you think that they were wasting your time? 

    I have popped a few resources down under the spoiler if you feel you may need any further help at any point:
    Distractions from self harm by Mind
    National Self Harm Network
    The Mix free confidential helpline  0808 808 4994
    Samaritans free helpline 116 123 available 24/7

  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 1,240 Wise Owl
    Hey :)

    Sorry to hear that's how you feel. I think that if someone doesn't want to spend time with you or thinks you're a burden, they'll let you know. Until then, you're effectively deciding that you're a burden for them without them knowing, so it comes across as if you don't want to be friends with them. Hold your loved ones close, don't push them away - it's hard to make good friends, but easy to break them x

    Much love <3
  • GemmaGemma Posts: 123 Moderator
    Hey @Eli444

    I'm sorry to hear you feel like a burden to people and don't feel like you deserve the support, but everyone deserves to feel supported and listened to. We're all here and support you. 

    It's difficult when people get upset if you don't come to them with your problems or when you're hurting, especially when you feel that you're just trying not to burden them. We're all here for you though and you took a big step reaching out here and you're never a burden here no matter how you're feeling. 

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