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Cheating and plagiarism

SystemSystem Posts: 8,627 Staff Team
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imageCheating and plagiarism

Tempted to cheat? Or buy an essay off the internet? The Mix finds out if cheating and plagiarism is ever worth it, and what happens if you get caught.

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  • hollowkarma12hollowkarma12 Posts: 2 Literally just got here
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  • Kasa2103Kasa2103 Posts: 4,324 The Mix Elder
    Shit!!!! I emailed my whole religious studies class my homework for inspiration. I'm worried people will copy me. The email even went to the teacher. I deleted the email though. #sostupid 
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  • MaisyMaisy The Mix convert CymruPosts: 295 Moderator

    Hi @Kasa2103


    Sorry to hear that you accidentally emailed your whole class (including your teacher) your homework. Hopefully, no-one will copy will you but if you notice someone has copied you, then as the article explains, it’s best to talk to your teacher about it. It’s uncertain whether or not you would get into trouble, but hopefully a teacher will be understanding that it was an accident.


    Take care,


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