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Nice girl. Shame about the face.



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    I might get shit for saying this BUT i think on some deep dark level *some* of us may relate to *some* of the things tinkler says! Perhaps we've even thought it as well some time or another, yet dared not say it outright...:confused: Don't get me wrong I can see him for what he is...a troll trying to provoke disturbance and havoc yet he does bring people together and causes us to debate. So :thumb: for that!

    I mean damn I can't help but laugh at shit that comes out from these threads and how worked up some people get over it.
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    What has got me wondering is that tinkler is still here. I mean, yea, he's the man, making big money, getting all the celebs being confident and sociable, yet nobody on here can't stand his guts nor likes him in the slightest. It's A Ok with me if that doesn't hit his ego, but why is there a need to rub it in that we poor, unimportant shmocks can't compete with his lifestyle?

    Listen up, tinky winky: nobody gives a crap, and before you quote me and justify your point: nobody gives a crap. Yea, you might be a 16 yo school kid living in moms basement or a mid twenty yuppie, but at the end of the day nobody gives a shit. You might not be arrogant, because you KNOW you are great, but nobody else cares.
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    StrubbleS wrote: »
    Listen up, tinky winky: .

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    tinkler wrote: »
    Don't call me a fucking "racist" if I say "not knowing British etiquette and correct terminology for some things as she's foreign". The epitome of political correctness gone MAD.

    Now you see i could have taken him seriously if he had posted the above, just with saying "please dont call me racist" instead of the "dont call me a fucking racist"

    On another unrelated note, honestly, sometimes in certain circumstances i think tinkler is sorta right, in the sense that personality goes a lot further than a brain dead beauty!
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    My friend does this with men, she calls it their "fatal flaw" its not always a feature of their physical looks, sometimes its something that they believe or do. However, I think it's pretty obvious, you either like her enough and find her attractive enough to get over it make it work or you don't, if you don't you should stop seeing her.

    Effectively you are leading her on and having sex with her under the pretence that you are interested in being with her as a couple which is obviously not the case.

    I know asking this is probably a stupid question since you appear to be emotionally stunted but how would you feel if some woman dated you, you were really into her, she lead you to believe that you had a future together, you fell in love with her and then she dumped you and started seeing someone else immediately afterward who was obviously someone she and her peers thought were "better" than you ?

    Casual sex and friends with benefits arrangements are perfectly ok, but misrepresenting your affection on an ongoing term for your own personal gain at the expense of someone else is unfair and in my opinion heartless.
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    I've read enough insults in this thread to last me the rest of the year I think. This isn't going anywhere positive so closed.
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