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hi, my name is pandaisy,

hi, I'm pandaisy and I'm in year eleven, I have been struggling at school for a while but recently things have gone from bad to a lot worse. I've always found it tricky to make friends but when I managed to find some in year ten I was over the moon, even if they didn't always include me. I became closer friends with a few people in this group but not long ago one of them starting being not so nice to me which has since developed into bullying. When I brought this up with the person at school rather than support me the rest of my friends decided to support the bully. The bully has since made up other lies to get other friends I've managed to make on their side too. As the weeks have gone on a couple of the friends I made in year ten asked to be friends again, of course, I agreed happily but they're still too scared to talk to me when the bully is around. I have since started to struggle in nearly all of my lessons due to this and after looking at other schools if I were to move I would have to go into year ten and repeat a year. I'm a bit unsure of what to do, any advice or coping strategies would be welcomed.


  • PoppyBPoppyB Posts: 167 Moderator
    Hey @pandaisy welcome to The Mix! It's great to have you here :)

    I'm sorry to hear how you're feeling at school with bullying and how its affecting your friendships and performance at school. You've taken such an important step by reaching out here - we are all here to listen and support you <3 

    It may be worth creating a thread in our Health and Well-being section when you feel ready and hopefully we can help you from there. 
  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,935 Postholic

    That's awful. You don't deserve to be bullied and that must be really hard for you.

    How would you feel about repeating year ten if you moved schools? That doesn't sound ideal, yet it could get you away from the bullying so it might be a hard choice to make? <3

    Do you think it could help to talk things through with a teacher or relative, if you haven't already?

    Sending hugs x
  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 7,637 Boards Champion
    Heyy! Welcome :) i really hope we can support you on here <3
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  • hydrangeahydrangea EnglandPosts: 27 Cool Newbie
    edited October 2019
    Hi pandaisy, welcome😊

    I'm really sorry you're going through difficult times right now. I understand how you feel, secondary school was really difficult for me too, especially Year 11.

    Are there any staff at your school who you could talk to? I know how difficult it is to sort out bullying situations, however they can help you in other ways too, like having a quiet room for you to sit in to get away from bullies, for example.

    We're all ready to listen to you when you feel ready. We'll support you! Sending love and good vibes your way <3
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    Welcome to the Mix! 💗
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