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Depression, anxiety, low self esteam

mariamaria Posts: 1 Literally just got here
i am having one of them terrible nights once agAin, been pretending all day to be happy when inside i am dying,i have fell so deep this time its getting hard to achive stuff my old self wants to, lossing hope 😔


  • ShaunieShaunie 🌸 Posts: 12,656 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Im sorry that youre struggling. Im kinda losing hope too & is horrible & empathise with you. But am glad youre reaching out for help on here. Maybe at some point, if you wanted to, -  you could tell us abit more about whats going.

    But i hope that maybe getting support from here and getting listened to,  can ease your pain somewhat.
     Pretending to be happy can feel like a really lonely place and all can feel lonely but we are here & many of us can relate to these feelings too
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Literally just got here
    Welcome @maria to The Mix.

    When you feel ready and settled in a bit, reach out to us on any of the boards. You will be sure to get good support! In the meantime, how about you make yourself a chat account? The board has many great times to chat: support chat or general natter and each room is responsibly moderated. It only takes a minute to make a chat account: https://www.themix.org.uk/get-support/group-chat  but it's best made at the time the chat rooms open in the evening.

    For full info on what chats are available and who is modding, this is the place you go to.

    You won't feel so isolated, I assure you. There is always some sweet person to talk to and our moderators are first class to help in almost any difficult situation. I found great support for my emotional needs, so your getting a chat account will be just perfect.

    If there is anything we can help you with, just ask. :)

    Best wishes,

  • RhysRhys Posts: 280 The Mix Regular
    Hey Maria, are you feeling any better today?

    Also, just to let you know, ive moved your topic from Introduction to Health and Well being as I feel its a better place

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”― Bernard M. Baruch
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 983 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi maria,

    Hope you're feeling better now - let us know how you're doing!

    Much love <3
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