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Pains After Sex

AngelIsMe21AngelIsMe21 The Mix convertPosts: 132 Settling in
I've been experiencing some pains and problems after having sex with a friend of mine a few days ago. I understand that it's probably normal but it is still worrying me, and really hurting :( It feels good because it has caused a lot of pain but at the same time it does still hurt :( What i'm experiencing=stinging when I go to the toilet as well as the urge that I need to go but can't/don't, sharp sensations down below, a very strange/smelly odour (which is obviously causing embarassment) and a couple of spots (kind of thing) have appeared in the back of my mouth and 4 down below. . .


  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 987 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi AngellsMe21,

    If you feel any pain or discomfort persists after having sex, then you should go straight to a GP. I know it might feel embarrassing, but many people visit the GP for a similar reason! And besides, I think it's definitely worth being healthy and without pain if it takes a little embarrassment to do so!x

    Much love <3
  • AngelIsMe21AngelIsMe21 The Mix convert Posts: 132 Settling in
    It's hard for me to get an appointment with my gp. The pains feel horrible at the moment😢Ouch...
  • AngelIsMe21AngelIsMe21 The Mix convert Posts: 132 Settling in
    Still experiencing pains and few spots have appeared too. . .😢
  • Dusky94Dusky94 Posts: 22 Settling in
    Heya gal

    The stinging when weeing after sex is common, I get it quite a lot. This can be a water infection (AKA Urinary tract infection). These are frequent and can occur when you have slept with a new sexual partner, or if the boy has ejaculated into you. My advice on this matter would be: firstly, make sure that you go for a wee straight after sex (within minutes ideally), this flushes out the bacteria from the urinary tract which can otherwise lead to the water infection. Secondly, if you do find you have developed a urinary tract infection, drink loads and loads of water and cranberry juice, this helps to flush out the infection. Finally, often these infections arise in the early stages of a sexual relationship with a new person, it can take time for your body to 'get to know' your partners bacteria etc, so as annoying as it sounds, water infections are quite common early on, no matter what, but they will generally get more rare.

    Regarding the spots, 100% go to your GP if these continue to appear/don't disappear. If you cannot make an appointment, then try and make an appointment with an STI clinic. Often, these have more frequent walk-in appointments, where you can be seen pretty quickly.

    Good luck!
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