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So, Elon Musk has bought Twitter...

JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 5,217 Part of The Furniture
edited April 2022 in Politics & Debate
The news was breaking yesterday evening. He bought it for £34,500,000,000.

Elon has described himself as a 'free speech absolutist', saying he wants Twitter to allow free speech within the confines of the law. He's also wants to make Twitter's algorithm open source (meaning all the code would be publicly visible), allowing people to see exactly how it works and give feedback. He's also said he wants to verify all users and remove fake accounts being used on the platform.

So... what are our thoughts on the world's richest person owning Twitter?
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  • AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,798 Extreme Poster
    Came as quite a surprise - first, that he wanted to buy it out, and second that he acc managed to get the financing to make it happen in the way that he did. He's mentioned a lot of ideas about what he'd like to see happen, but I always prefer to wait and see what he actually does with it - he's said he wants it to be a pure free-speech platform, but it's coming under greater regulatory pressure (e.g. EU), so how that ends up working will be interesting. I don't use Twitter myself so it doesn't really affect me, but we've seen how influential Twitter can be in modern times, so it's definitely a big moment! :)
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