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Sense of Achievement

AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 516 Moderator
What is the thing that you have created that brings you the biggest sense of pride in yourself? It can be anything, from a song to a poem to some cakes to a DIY project. Anything works as long as it made you happy!! xx


  • AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 516 Moderator
    For me it's probably the cards that I make for friends' birthdays because they're handwritten with doodles and I try to take my time with them, like they're defo no good as I am not an artist at all but it makes me happy to put time into something my friends hopefully love?? xxx
  • BrookeeBrookee Posts: 270 The Mix Regular
    @AislingDM This is such a wonderful thread, thanks so much for starting this!

    That's really wonderful, making cards for someone is such a wonderful way to show you care, I'm sure your friends adore them!

    I made some mac and cheese the other day and I was really pleased with it :) I'm also trying to make my hamster a little playpen out of boxes and some old kitchen roll tubes. Hopefully it turns out okay :')
  • AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 516 Moderator
    You're so kind to say that !!! OMG I love the sound of that for your little hamster, being able to make something that probably brings so much joy to their life is so important. I think, especially with pets, we should try hard not to take them for granted and constantly show them how much we care, so I just love that <3 I'd defo love to see a pic of the finished project if you'd like !! x
  • BrookeeBrookee Posts: 270 The Mix Regular
    @AislingDM You're doing wonderful things for others!! Thank you! I know, they have such a short life span and he's the sweetest little thing, I just want him to have had the best life he can :) Pets are beautiful little souls, we're very lucky to have them :) I will definitely post the pic when I've finished it for you! Thanks so much for being so unbelievably kind always x <3
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