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Upon reflection, what are your thoughts/feelings about the past year and a half?

AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 516 Moderator
Now that we have been in a pandemic for roughly one year and 8 months (my math might be off here), I am wondering what everyone's reflective thoughts are on this time period. You can reflect/talk about anything, whether it's positive things you learned to do, or your opinions on the government, or your thoughts for the future. Anything goes, just wanted to see how people are doing given that this has been a really arduous and taxing time for everyone across the globe <3


  • La_LaLa_La PLANET MARSPosts: 94 Budding Regular
    I think it's been a very difficult period of time. The benefits definitely were how the lockdown gave some people time to start a new entrepreneurial business and have time to themselves, which helped for my therapy a lot. I had a lot of thinking time to sort out some of the problems that I never even noticed until the time of the lockdown XD

    But I think it's been really tough for employment, health and daily life...going outside feels kind of taxing sometimes. And relationships I feel have changed a lot too! It's been a whirlwind.
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  • zaynab_5zaynab_5 Recovering🥀 LondonPosts: 1,935 Extreme Poster
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    Wow, covid really affected my life differently..

    The first lockdown was the best one though, in my opinion. I got to spend more time with myself. And because my other friends and I wouldn't talk because we were revising for GCSEs before (I was in year 11 at the time), the lockdown helped us have a good catch-up. I also spent a lot of time with myself. I was exercising, eating a variety of different foods, and spent time watching lots of movies with my family. In the summer, I've stayed at all my cousin's houses.

    But sigh I hate covid. I feel like it was part of the reason why I ended up in hospital. But mostly it was because of a person and the trauma he gave me. I regret talking to him and I keep blaming myself. I was sooo bored in lockdown and that's why I ended up talking to him. But anyway, it's the past now.

    However, the hospital I stayed at was honestly the best hospital in London (it was an inpatient psychiatric unit). The patients, nurses and I were doing lots of activities together (building a bear, making bath bombs, baking, etc.), going to different places (ice skating, mountains, laser tag, etc.), and watching movies together. We even got lots of gifts on Christmas :joy:

    I am so glad I stayed there, everyone was amazing. My mental health improved and I got out of there stronger and brighter. That place helped me become more productive.

    After I got discharged, I was ready to go back to education. I attended the online lessons. I missed so much and I was worried. But I managed to eventually catch up with the work, I had never been this proud of myself. When the lockdown restrictions eased, I went back to college. My friends were so ecstatic to see me and I ended up crying because I haven't seen them for such a long time as I was in hospital.

    The summer holidays came, and I travelled to Inverness with my family and we stayed there for a week. It was so lovely, the scenery and just everything. I needed that break.

    I'm just unhappy with one thing, and that is I am not allowed to go out because there is an ongoing police investigation and my parents are overprotective. They think the guy would do something to me since he went to jail. But I'll just choose to be patient till I'm 18.

    In a way, covid helped me realise so many things, I've lost so many friends, and the ones who were always real from the start stayed. It was a chance for me to stay away from social media as much as I can. It was a chance for me to just put my top priorities first and turn them into habits. And it was a chance for me to strive to do good and make my parents proud.

    Now it is a chance for me to do incredibly well in my A levels (hopefully I get all A's or higher as this is what I'm aiming for)

    I rambled so much here, I didn't even realise ahah

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  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Posts: 190 Trailblazer
    My most commonly used phrase for this time is "hokey cokey". There have been ups and downs (and I think we are still there, unfortunately!). However, it has made me determined as ever :)
  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Posts: 190 Trailblazer
    Also, the importance of loved ones! <3
  • AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 516 Moderator
    Thank you so very much everyone for such honest, sincere and vulnerable replies, I know, as many have said, like it's crazy that this timeframe has gone on for so long and I know there have been so many variables which have impacted how we have each navigated each stage of the last year and a half, so, honestly I am grateful to you and proud of you all for explaining in such insightful ways how you have felt <3

    @lovemimoon I simply am beyond overjoyed to hear that The Mix was something beautiful that you gained over this period, and I want you to know that part of why this place is so warm and loving is because you are right there supporting literally everyone who posts. You truly have such a gift of compassion that you should feel immensely proud of <3

    @independent_ I'm glad you like the question!! I just thought it's been such a while, maybe people want a place to vent/share or say anything (shoutout to John Cusack). I abso love that you were able to get the push to get support, because you truly deserve it and I know it sucks that a global pandemic was the background to this support, but I am glad there are some silver linings =)

    @La_La I couldn't agree more, it's been such a tumultuous time and as you say, beyond inter- and intrapersonal relationships, we also have to think about the wider impacts of this pandemic on things like unemployment. It really shows how caring you are that you are thinking of this even in your response here x I am grateful for your happy moments and wish you more and more.

    @zaynab_5 It's extremely interesting the way you've put this, and the way you've experienced each lockdown in such different ways. Thank you for sharing it with us, I'm sure reflecting in this way on some of the more difficult times was not fun, but I am grateful anyway x I completely get what you mean, like the changes that we have all gone through have been immense, and particularly for you, as someone who entered the pandemic about to do GCSEs and now (hopefully) leaving the pandemic on your A-Levels. I know there are still many moments of difficult and challenges that you are facing, especially in terms of not being allowed out, and so I am really happy that you are able to see some of the joy whilst also feeling valid in the negative emotions too! Fingers crossed things can only get better from here!! :)

    @Laura_tigger82 1000% it can't quite be put into words how strange this time has been for us all, and yet I love that little phrase :) I love you ending on such a positive note of the importance of friends and family though, I think you're right like we really have had to reevaluate priorities in this pandemic <3
  • Eleasha27Eleasha27 Posts: 5 Confirmed not a robot
    It has definitely been a challenging year for everyone but it has made me evaluate the things and people which are truly important to me and add something positive to my life. It has also made me appreciate the NHS more than ever, and made me want to work in mental health services even more, as so many people have been struggling during this time. Hope everyone is doing okay <3
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 1,162 Wise Owl
    I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I'll keep it to the key ones. It's complicated - on the one hand, the first lockdown came at a time where it actually did me a huge favour. And as other said, it definitely forced many of us to reevaluate what we found important, and I think reflection is a very useful exercise!

    Having said that, many of us felt that our social relations became really strained, especially if you live far away from one another. Several friends in relationships all broke up due to it, countless friend groups fell away, and good friendships dissolved without any way to meet up. Lots of people feel lonely especially after the forced isolation, and I wonder what the scarring effect of that will be going forwards x
  • AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 516 Moderator
    I love this answer @Eleasha27 because as you say there have been such hugely contrasting emotional responses to this horrid time, like on the one time, there has been such awful impacts on people's mental health but equally it has brought others together and allowed us to realise that we should focus on giving love to our friends. <3

    I am so there with you @Azziman , because ultimately we cannot know how this will impact everyone in the long term. We might feel happiness for being able to see friends and family again at first but we don't know how we are going to feel in a year or ten from now. It's quite scary to be perfectly honest. I've also thought that it's made me reevaluate who I feel is sincerely there for me and in some ways my conclusions have left me feeling sadder, but maybe this is more a reflection on me, who's to say, I guess!
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