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Hello..I'm here looking for help

roblos71roblos71 Posts: 1 Just got here
Hello everybody,

my name is Roberto...

I'm a parent to a y10 boy who was heavily bullied in y7. Just found out this year when the school sent me social services (not once but twice). Social services harassed me and treated my son as a criminal. The police ignored me.

All of this happened this summer while I had to watch my mum in law suddenly die and my sister has stage 4 cancer. We were not given time to mourn or breathe.

I'm on my own trying to help my son, and my family to get justice and to raise awareness so other families do not go through the same ordeal we've been through.

The school lost all bullying logs but they did not disclose this information publicly. My son reported the bullying, even in an email, but I was never informed.The school ignored my complaint and their response is that I should instruct a solicitor.

Been personally called "mad" by the school, my son was called a "problem child" and I have been threatened by the school not to share my story otherwise they will report me to the police.

Am I allowed to post any links here? Is there anyone who can genuinely help?

Thank you

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  • JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 4,972 The Mix Elder
    edited October 2021
    Welcome to the community, Roberto. :) You've done well to open up here.

    What you've been through and are currently going through sounds rough, and you're doing the right thing to reach out for support. Any one of the things you mentioned in your post would be a lot to be dealing with, let alone all of them at once. Grief isn't an easy process at the best of times.

    Just a heads up that The Mix community is a space for young people to talk to other young people (which might be why not many folks have replied here). You can find out a bit more about our age policy in 'What if I'm over 25?'

    I'd encourage you to use a service more setup for adults, such as Side by Side - a community like ours run by Mind, a mental health charity for over 18's. That might be a good place to find other parents in a similar situation who can relate a bit more.

    Alternatively, Young Minds are an organisation who specialise in supporting parents of young people.

    Best of luck with whatever happens next, and I hope you find the time to grieve and process what's happening with your family. If your son wants to join this community, he's more than welcome. :)
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  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Moderator Posts: 4,933 The Mix Elder
    Hi @roblos71

    Welcome to The Mix community. It is great to see you have joined us.

    It would seem that @Mike has already provided some comprehensive advice. However, is there anything else that we can do to support you?

    We are here for you <3
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