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Help with essay topic

It`s been a week and I just can`t choose a topic for my essay. Need something like Mulian rescues his mother or similar. We have a free topic, so I need any good ideas to choose from. Thanks beforehand  :) 


  • ClaraOswaldClaraOswald TardisPosts: 144 The Mix convert
    Im really sorry I dont know but good luck with your essay :smile:
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  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 702 Incredible Poster
    Hey :)

    An easy way to find an essay idea is check the news headlines, and pick a story that you're interested in. What are the arguments for and against it? What's your opinion on it?x

    Much love <3
  • MikeMike Unapologetic dork LondonPosts: 2,330 Staff Moderator
    edited October 2019
    Love @Azziman's idea of looking at the news - usually a good place to find something debate-worthy. As well, I'd think about things you can naturally talk about for a long time. Do you ever find yourself venting or rambling about a particular thing without much provocation, for example?
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