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I just love to procrastinate!

sozforhappysozforhappy Deactivated Posts: 123 The Mix Convert
I especially hate being pulled out of what I'm occupied with to do house chores. I so hate being told to do them straight away, they're so boring and tiresome and I have much more interesting stuff to do and care more about. I don't care why I shouldn't leave them until late in the day and right before bed as long as I actually do them, or if I do them with breaks in between to go back to my own fun business. it doesn't matter how I do them or how I structure the sequence as long as I get them done and that I'll always love to procrastinate boring basic realist stuff like that. I'm sick of them always assuming I'll forget and not do it at all or being fed up of me being stubborn and lazy. That's their problem if they're so bothered by it. They never listen when I say it doesn't matter if I do them later even though I always end up doing them. Living on my own I can do chores however I want, see?


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    AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,914 Extreme Poster
    Hey :)

    It's not uncommon to want to leave things later, and there's some logic to it - if you have the whole day to do something, does it matter if you do it first thing in the morning, or last thing before bed?

    But personally, I'd say that being proactive and getting chores done straight away means that I can get them out of the way and work on other things afterwards. Also, I think it's good practice to tackle a chore straight away and leave yourself time afterwards. Most of the time, this can be free time, but if something important suddenly comes up, you don't leave yourself overstretched! Of course, when you leave your house and live on your own, you're free to do them however you'd like. But if this is something that really bothers you, I'd suggest sitting down with them and discussing your different points of view - open communication is a really important part of any relationship!x

    You mention that chores aren't fun, and you're right - they are generally quite mundane tasks that need to be done for good hygiene, sanitation and housekeeping. But there are ways to make them more enjoyable - for instance, listening to music can help a lot! I'd suggest trying that and see if that helps :)

    Much love <3
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    ValerialettoValerialetto Posts: 87 Budding Regular
    hey @sozforhappy,

                  can I offer you one activity that in my opinion can help you a bit with your situation?..
                    You wrote a lot of posts in here and in all of them the most widespread words/phrases are "hate", "I'm sick of", "I'm fed up" that smb never does smth etc... all your messages are full of agression and negative. It can be so, all of us can be aggresive sometimes and it's absolutelly normal,but it matters how often do you feel this aggression... Our world gives us the same we give to it. If you express so much aggresiveness and hate to all the people around you why do you expect  that somebody is going to love you?

                    So what if you try to write something that would be about what you did to others, maybe you helped someone, maybe you had diffiult situation but overcame it so we all will be happy for you. What if to try to change words that you use? The words we use determine our thoughts...so what if to try to use more positive words and smile ... <3
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