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Pet pictures thread!



  • LabraBellLabraBell England, B68.Posts: 162 The Mix convert

    Greta playfully pulling on my sleeve and chewing my hand gently.

    All I'd have to do is say "ouch!* And she'd stop and start kissing my hand instead 😍
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  • AifeAife Posts: 1,339 Moderator
    We have an office dog for the day! He is soo cute! <3

  • Millie2787Millie2787 WorcestershirePosts: 693 Incredible Poster
    Aife said:
    We have an office dog for the day! He is soo cute! <3

    @aife how are you getting any work done ??? 😂
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  • AbigailAbigail Carer/musician Posts: 504 Extreme Poster
    Aife said:
    We have an office dog for the day! He is soo cute! <3

    Omg!!!!!!!!! No wonder there is no work going on 😛 that dog is adorable!!! No sneaking it home though 😉
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  • kathleen0172kathleen0172 Posts: 258 Rampant Poster

    Afraid my pets are hard to photograph ahaha but I managed to take a quick one of my beautiful boy Sooty <3 Hopefully I can get a good one of my gorgeous guinea pig to show soon.

  • AifeAife Posts: 1,339 Moderator
    @Millie2787 @Abigail he was the cutest! I didn't manage to sneak him home which is a shame. Hopefully he visits again!

    Aww @kathleen0172 Sooty is adorable! Such a cute name too :) 
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