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I don't know what's happening to me

catdkcatdk NoobPosts: 2 Newbie
Hi, I'm 17 and I'm still in high school. I used to be passionate about a ton of things, I was a good student as well. But since this school year started I don't know what happened to me: I used to come home and straight up start doing my homework, I would finish them and then dedicate my time to my hobbies, but now I find myself unable to start until it's 6/7 pm. I lost interest in almost everything, I just can't deal with the world outside of my room, and I feel so empty and worthless. It has been so long since I genuinely laughed and I feel like there's always some kind of wall between me and other people. When I'm with others it's fine, i can have a good time (most of the time), but when I'm alone everything just goes downhill and i isolate myself for a day or two. I started eating constantly. I just repress everything I'm feeling but I'm scared one day all it's going to blow up. I'm sick of not doing anything all day and being lazy, but I can't stop. I hate myself. I don't know what It's happening to me, it might not be serious at all but I'm scared and frustrated. Does anyone who feel can help me? Tell me what's going on? Am I overreacting?


  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Sunny ScotlandPosts: 3,589 Community Veteran
    Hey catdk :wave:

    im sorry you're having such a tough time just now. have you been in contact with your GP about it? if not it might be worth making an appointment as it could be a number of things medically. could you maybe try reintroduce things you used to like? it might be hard but sometimes it can make you feel better. you're not overreacting and well done for seeking out help on here :) hope things start to improve soon! :heart:
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Literally just got here
    Hi @catdk and welcome to our boards.

    Following on from what Bubbles said, the boards are down from tomorrow Tuesday evening to Thursday evening as they migrate to the new Vanilla forums, so in the meantime if need further support, then you could make a chat account and join our support chats.

    When chats start at 8pm, make a chatwee account here:- http://www.themix.org.uk/get-support/group-chat It only takes a minute and then join support chat and you will be welcomed in and well looked after. I'm relatively new and found the chats very good. Everyone very kind and caring. All the chat rooms are moderated.

    Best wishes,

  • independent_independent_ Resident Coffee Addict ScotlandPosts: 6,239 Master Poster

    I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. You’re definitely not alone or overreacting!

    As has already been said it may be worth making an appointment with your GP to discuss this. Could be a number of things.

    You’re also very welcome to post here anytime you need to or come to the group chats (Sunday-Thursday 8.00-9.30pm) to get some extra support :)

    Take care.
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  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 948 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi catdk,

    Sorry to hear what you're going through. It's something that's not "normal" for sure, and sounds like something that you should discuss with a GPx

    Much love <3
  • PuffinEthicsPuffinEthics Posts: 74 Moderator
    Hi @catdk

    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time. 

    Is there anything in particular that happened that started you making you feel like this? Or a few smaller things? 

    You aren't worthless at all, and its not an overreaction to take this seriously. It sounds like such a big change for you and its good to take that seriously so try not to worry about being concerned if that makes sense. 

    It may be good to think about it like your going through a difficult phase and you could think about making small changes to get back to where you want. 

    Having a good diet and healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with feeling good and positive mentally so looking after yourself is important. But again that's some small changes at your own pace, whatever works for you. 

    Have you talked to anyone in your family or friends about how your feeling? 
    Sometimes working out what's going on in my head only makes sense when I tell friends or family and share how I'm feeling to make sense of it with them.

    Or you can just share on here with us? We're all here for you. 

    Thanks for sharing, 

    - Puffin Ethics 

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