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Don't know how to describe it - but basically I have been under a really stressful time lately, which has shown its effects physically and emotionally. I can ascribe physical symptoms, crying, lack of concentration, stress etc to certain events at the moment. However at the same time I have noticed that I find it really hard to leave the house in the morning.

I have always been a worrier, and have before taken a cab home to make sure that the straighteners were off, or gone home from school to make sure the hob was turned off.

But these couple of weeks where I have been down as it is, this has gone way overboard. I go around the place checking straighteners, the hob and other electrical appliances several times before leaving. And even after I leave I have locked myself out the house, only to return 3-4 times to check again. I cannot leave without checking an extra time even though I KNOW I have locked the front door properly and that everything is off, nothing on display etc.
Is there anything one can do? I feel like a freak leaving the house, taking a few steps and going back. Or even getting on the bus, and then returning home to just make sure everything is alright.

Suggestions? Thanks!


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    How about carrying a little notepad with a list of things to do, then tick them off as you do them? That could help reassure you. Also you could try something like having your key in your left pocket before locking the door, then in your right straight after locking it.

    Obviously this isn't going to help the cause of the problem, but it might help reduce the amount you're worrying about things.
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    You need to try and reduce the amount of stress you are getting. You may want to visit the Doctors.
    Just a thought.
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    Dear Wendy,

    As cool2play22 has said, it doesn't sound like the actual act of doing these things is where the problem lies, it'd be a good idea to speak to someone about the cause of these symptoms.

    You could try to talk to your GP about local councelling services, or ring Saneline or Samaritans (both local rate from a landline). They can give you more information or just lend a friendly ear.
    You said there's been some certain events atm, could you be doing this constant checking to try and gain some control which you feel you don't have in other areas?

    Although it's never a great idea to self-diagnose, have a look at this link to OCD. Some of the things you are doing sound like they could match up to this? See what you think :chin: .

    You could also try some basic stress relieving tactics such as going to yoga or the gym, or doing whatever suits you to wind down and take your mind off things.

    Really hope some of this helps, keep posting! :)
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    Thank you for the suggestions. Have calmed down a bit lately. But I think it also has to do with the fact that the last couple of times I have left the house, someone else has been in, however I still constantly go back to my room to check I didn't forget anything.

    I don't think it bad as OCD level, but yeah not healthy nonetheless. And probably very right with it being my way of having control as a response to where I lack it in other aspects of my life. However knowing this hasnøt necessarily made it better.

    On another account, does anyone know if doctors are supposed to charge for doctors notes? I have never had to pay before, and all my friends say I shouldn't, but my doctor wants to charge me for a one... So wondering if there are any rules? Thanks :)
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    I have this problem, I have to put my straightners in a specific place in the kitchen so I can see them once I have locked the door and I know they are off. If I some reason I don't put them in that place then I will worry and if I know someone is at home I wil text/phone them and make sure they put them in that place. I do look about 5 or 6 times to make sure I have put them there at times I've even taken a photo on my phone for my own peice of mind! This specific place means I can see them if I go out through the window to check again they are off.

    Once that done my next thing is locking the door...once I'm out I lock it and then have to check the handle about 5 times just to make sure I have locked, if I don't do this then I think about it all day. Sometimes I will get to the gate and have to go back and check, sometimes once sometimes a couple of times. I've started doing it now with the car and making sure I've shut the boot and locked the doors.

    I don't think there too bad atm but it does do my head in doing it but I can't stop myself :rolleyes:
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    Dear Wendy wrote: »
    So wondering if there are any rules? Thanks :)

    Hey, Apparently it's down to the doctor. It's not an NHS service so they don't have to provide it for free, but if they see you as a patient they'll generally give you a note as part of that consultation. Here's the NHS factsheet on sick notes. (Thanks to Olly B for his quick research on this :p )
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