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Playlist Challenge #25

ConnorConnor Deactivated Posts: 508 Incredible Poster
Hey all! We're back with a quick playlist challenge for May!

The theme this month is "Music to study to". When you are/were studying or in school, which were some iconic tunes for you? Post them down below and at the end of May we'll make a Spotify list!


  • AislingDMAislingDM Moderator Posts: 985 Part of The Mix Family
    Canon in D major was a classic for me during A-levels

    Also Turning Page by Sleeping at Last because thinking of Twilight seemed to calm me.

    And oddly enough, the up-beat Forest Whitaker by Bad Books was great when my energy started depleting. =)
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  • ConnorConnor Deactivated Posts: 508 Incredible Poster
    edited June 23
    That's a nice answer @AislingDM !

    When I was studying listening to faster music helped me get some energy! X Japan were a band i listened to a lot. Especially Blue Blood and Rose of Pain.

    Here is the updated playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7knkrgPdEZzIyfUvC067U1?si=edee0eaa7447483a
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