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Voting age

Sholay09Sholay09 NoobBirmingham, EnglandPosts: 131 The Mix Convert
Hello I need to know the reasons why the voting age needs to be lowered to age 16 in all countries so young people can be involved in politics.


  • Ed_Ed_ Moderator Posts: 989 Part of The Mix Family
    This is an interesting debate point @Sholay09 - I think I am generally in favour of reducing the voting age in the UK to 16 for a number of reasons. I think primarily that you are allowed to join the army at 16, and if you can make such a decision at that age, then you are mature enough to be voting. I also see there being quite a few issues that impact 16 year olds which they don't currently get a say on. If you look back to the tuition fee rise, there were a lot of 16/17 year olds who were impacted by that change that weren't able to vote in the election that led to that. I can't really see a downside to engaging people in democracy, I wonder if it is worth also considering what the arguments against may be, as you can then often work out what the counter points are to that. I'd be interested to hear other people's views on this...
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