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Anch0r33Anch0r33 Obnoxiously Large AnchorSomewhere in the sea 🌊Posts: 1,186 Wise Owl
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Image description - image has the words "bio", "adoptive", "foster" and "step" all scored out. Below it says "it's not the word before parent that defines, but rather the love and dedication in the parents heart" end of description.

I think this is so true and I want anyone that needs to see this to see this <3
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  • AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 629 Moderator
    I simply love this picture (and thank you for putting the image description too!). It really does demonstrate the importance of knowing that family does not necessarily equal 'blood relatives'. Plus it shows that different people can make up a family regardless of their literal relation to you, it could be that an auntie is super supportive and provides you with the love you deserve. Thank you for sharing this @Anch0r33 , beyond insightful as always <3
  • maryam852maryam852 Posts: 177 Helping Hand
    I agree with @AislingDM and think this is such a heart-warming message, as too often children are made to feel like parents can only be biological. Thank you for sharing @Anch0r33
  • AislingDMAislingDM Posts: 629 Moderator
    Completely true @maryam852 !! And sadly the perceived importance of 'blood being thicker than water' can lead to people feeling unable to recognise their true emotions about a situation, because they are guilted into forgiving their family. Everyone deserves to be loved sincerely, no matter who it is by <3
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