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Anxiety and flashbacks- not coping

Kasa2103Kasa2103 Ugly SnakeSouth EastPosts: 2,411 Mega Poster
In a spoiler because it could be triggering but I desperately need to get it off my chest. 

I am struggling so much right now with what I am going through. I am not in crisis though. It is most likely going to be the case that nobody believes me. So anxious. My severe needle phobia is on my mind. Getting flashbacks of what happened last time I had a vaccine and that was nearly 6 months ago (especially when my classmates were making up horror stories about it during the days leading up to it and even a bit on the day.) I have nobody to talk to about it. My mum basically just told me to stop being a wimp when I tried to talk about how I feel. My dad would not understand or care. My sister would not care and I don't want to bother her. Childline are fed up of me. Same with the helplines. My Kooth worker would not believe me and would break confidentiality. My student support officer would not believe me and would laugh at me. I can't trust any of my friends enough. My GP would just tell my parents which is the last thing I need. I have no idea who to talk to or what to do about the flashbacks and my emotions. 😭 All this because I have a vaccine coming up in January. I know I need it done and that it will be beneficial for me. But that does not calm me at all or motivate me. 

I am ugly no matter what they say. Nothing but a burden is what I am. 


  • StephanieStephanie Posts: 484 Super Moderator
    Hey Kasa, :heart:

    Sounds like your struggling, we are here for you :heart:

    The Mix have a super cool article all about phobias < Could be worth a read if you get a chance :heart:

    Your not alone in this, we are here for you, sending hugs :heart:

                                   "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light" 

    - Albus Dumbledore 
  • Kasa2103Kasa2103 Ugly Snake South EastPosts: 2,411 Mega Poster
    Thank you for your lovely words and for the link. Much appreciated. :) Still not doing well right now but I will get there.
    I am ugly no matter what they say. Nothing but a burden is what I am. 
  • AifeAife LondonPosts: 2,169 Moderator
    @Kasa2103 how are you feeling today? 

    I can really hear how much you're struggling. I just wanted to let you know you're not alone in having a needle phobia. These things are really scary particularly if you've had a bad experience before. 

    You mentioned you have nobody to talk to about it. You've done so well posting here and we're always here anytime you want to talk to us about anything. Would you like to tell us about the bad experience you has last time you had a vaccine? 

    We're all here for you <3
    Maybe somethings don't get better, but we do. We get stronger. We learn to live with our situations as messy and ugly as they are. We fix what we can and we adapt to what we can't. Maybe some of us will never fully be okay, but at least we're here. We're still trying. We're doing the best we can. That's worth celebrating too ❤
  • Han93Han93 EnglandPosts: 168 The Mix convert

    I just wanted to send you hugs <3 It sounds horrible how you're feeling.

    I don't know if there is anything here that will be helpful, but the Mind website has a whole section on phobias including self care tips:

    We're all here for you x

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