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Introducing myself

Mia_mooMia_moo Posts: 146 Boards Initiate
Hi, I'm Mia. Feel free to call me moo it's my nickname.
I have multiple different mental health problems going on amongst other things and I am just looking for a place where people understand really. 
I hope everyone is getting through the day x  <3


  • ShaunieShaunie Posts: 14,399 Born on Earth, Raised by The Mix
    Hey, welcome!
    glad you're here<3
    may find more support by posting in health and well-being section and we will listen. Hope find it supportive 
    “ i think that deep down you still think life is worth living. It’s no where near over for you. You’re in pain. The thing you lost, Is the same thing that can stop that pain”
  • BubblesGoesBooBubblesGoesBoo Sunny ScotlandPosts: 3,590 Community Veteran
    Welcome! Hope you find what you need here, we're all a lovely bunch 💕
    ' So I put a bullet where I shouda put a helmet, and I crash my car cause I wanna get carried away, that's why I'm standing on the overpass screaming at myself 'hey, I wanna get better''  
  • Kathleen07Kathleen07 Posts: 1,938 Extreme Poster
    Welcome to the community Mia!

    We're always here for you when you want to talk :heart:
  • L100L100 Fast Newbie Posts: 128 The Mix Convert
  • NitwamNitwam EnglandPosts: 19 Settling in

    Welcome. We are all here to talk if you need :) 
  • AzzimanAzziman The Mix convert Posts: 1,240 Wise Owl
  • AifeAife LondonPosts: 2,566 Community Manager
    Welcome Mia! It's lovely to have you here :) 
    Maybe somethings don't get better, but we do. We get stronger. We learn to live with our situations as messy and ugly as they are. We fix what we can and we adapt to what we can't. Maybe some of us will never fully be okay, but at least we're here. We're still trying. We're doing the best we can. That's worth celebrating too ❤
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