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End of Counselling

SkyeIsNotTheLimitSkyeIsNotTheLimit EarthPosts: 86 The answer to life, the universe, and everything
Hey hey
I finished counselling. I felt ready, I felt like I reached the end and didn't feel any excitement towards it. It started to feel like a chore and I'm paying for it,  so made sense to end.

I didn't do it the conventional way. I sent the counsellor an email to thank them and explain I'm in a better place. They replied asking why I wanted to end and if the last session had any weighing. For context, I walked out earlier than planned because I was so hungry and wanted to get home.

I just want to move on, but i feel guilty for the counsellor in case they think it's their fault. It isn't, I just don't want to pay money for something I really don't need or want anymore. I achieved what I set out to do and that was to be comfortable around men, I'm not keen on going on about anything else or otherwise I'll never leave counselling.

I'm super happy with what I've achieved and I'm not going to reply to his email. I actually deleted it because otherwise I won't end on my terms. Has anyone else been through similar experiences? This is the first time I've ended counselling after a "bad" session with just an email and I feel guilty even though I really feel good and don't want it anymore.

I'm rambling lol
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  • ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 9,278 Supreme Poster
    Thats really good that youve made that chioce for yourself and done whats best for you! I can hear you feel guilty. You went for your sake and I think counsellors rarely take things personal - if anything they may feel great they have helped so much that youre not needing it now. 

    Have you thought about have one last sesson of where know is ending so can feel some sort of like youve closed that part. ? Sometimes ive felt like the last season of therapy ect where i know its the last one has helped me because it felt liek it ended.
    But then again sometimes that might be more upsetting depending on connection with the person. And may just want to move forward in your life now

    im glad youre feeling like things are going forward and moving on and that seems like the most important thing from your post :)
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  • alice123alice123 Posts: 88 The answer to life, the universe, and everything
    Hey @SkyeIsNotTheLimit

    I'm really pleased to hear that you feel good enough to be completing counselling. 

    I agree with the advice @Shaunie gave, would you feel happier having some sort of conclusion to the sessions?

    If you're sure of your decision and you don't want to physically go back perhaps you could email them just to explain why you're no longer going to attend counselling - i'm sure they'll understand. I realise you said that you wouldn't reply to his email so you could end it on your terms, what terms did you mean by this?

    I would hope that having some closure may prevent any more feelings of guilt :)

    Once again, i'm so happy to hear that you have felt well enough to be finishing your counselling sessions <3
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