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What is ‘recovery’ to you?

ShaunieShaunie England 🏠Posts: 9,848 Supreme Poster
edited November 2018 in Positivity Corner

So we are all recovering from something or something at different points whether that be if you have a mental illness or not. It could be losing a job, break up, grief and something - we all need to recover at some point. And i think is good to think about what it means to us, what it looks like, so we can aim for it and what general things we will do to get there. 

For me i am recovering from trauma, depression, anorexia, BPD/EUPD and social anxiety and when i think about the word “recovery” i dont think about going back to how i was exactly before. As it even changes your view on things and you learn things. But i see it as an everyday process of learning how to manage my life a long side mental illness as well as tryin to process trauma. I want to be able to wake up and not have instant thoughts about killing myself. And be able to eat and drink without feeling completly disgusting about it. And feeling less alone & isolating myself less And just manage my life. 

And how i will get there is mostly by being positive. So im grateful of this positive area bit.  And i realise most of my suffering is from my view point of things and my perception. I read a quote that says “Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we respond” & i never really properly hear that. 

I will also try a lot of self care. Getting out of my comfort zone And start group occupational therapy soon and then after i will try couselling for rape. Also wanna try and see if going back on medication is an option. 

Personally i find being positive important — like, do you go in a shop & be negative & rude to the person behind the til & expect postive back? And thats kinda how i wanna veiw life more.

 I also want to point out that even though in recovery we say a lot about “what are You going to do?”. This is not to say You are the problem and is your fault. We all need help and support, sometimes even if you dont seek it — to get where we wanna be on our lil jounery’s as the staff behind the counter/till could be completly rude and negative despite the fact you have just been lovely. As in my opinion there are somethings we cant change by ourselves. But think you cant control symtoms of your mental health but can control your life 😊

if you have the strength to sustain anorexia you have the strength to overcome it


  • LabraBellLabraBell Future paramedic :)Posts: 202 Boards Initiate
    Recovery to me is reaching a sense of normality in my life. I don't want to be some popular person, I dont want superpowers, I dont want anything like that. I just want to be normal. Struggling with mental health makes you feel anything but normal, so recovery to me means getting past the mental health issues and being able to just be me.
    Hey, hey, hey everyday when I wake,
    I'm trying to get up, they're knocking me down.
    Chewing me up, spitting me out.
    Hey, hey, hey when I need to be saved,
    You're making me strong, you're making me stand.

    -Skillet, feel invincible.
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