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Jobs... I don't know, man

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It has been so long since I've been here, the place has changed names. I know no productive advice can be given, since I'm in a different country, I"m fucking 31, so too old for here, but I have nobody to talk to, and in my drunken stupor, I came here.

I bawled my eyes out to the boyfriend of 10ish or so years. He doesn't understand. A job is a job. You get a paycheck so you can buy whatever you want and do whatever you want.

I hate my job. I've always hated my jobs. I have no skills.

My dream has always been something academic, or something where I can make a difference in society. The educational system here is, from what I've learned, quite different than the UK. I have a bachelors, but in no way can I afford to get a masters or doctorate, which is what I would need to pursue my academic aspirations. I could get loans, but that would only cover tuition, not housing, food, health insurance, etc... I've become very lazy, and I'm not too particularly street smart, so most people think I'm a moron that couldn't accomplish much anyways.

My other ambition is to be useful. That is why, despite our current educational system, my minor is in education, and I went on to get an endorsement in middle school education. I've volunteered, but lately, I blame my laziness and despair, I haven't.

Except for a few stints in schools (education is impossible to get in around my area, last time I tried, we were told several hundred candidates applied... plus, I went for history, nobody cares about history), I've only worked in offices. I've been an office bitch. Order pop, book my plane ticket, edit this document... I had/have the opportunity to move into more of a legal setting, but still corporate. It is bullshit. It is a useless, worthless job. You benefit society in no way at all.

I'm lost and miserable. I don't know what to do. I have no skills, I have no means for advancement... I don't have much of a support system. I'm in a cycle. I don't know what I'm looking for. Certainly not advice, I know our ages and societies are so very different, despite, perhaps, being the most similar... I guess I just wanted to vent, and being a place I came to at 13 years old, like my stuffed little ragged Simba, I felt comfortable venting here.


  • Cat88Cat88 Moderator Posts: 377 Boards Initiate
    Hey myname - no worries at all about coming back! we will do our best to support you :) I've moved this post to the Work & Study board, as I think you'll get better replies there.

    excuse my ignorance as I didn't know you back then - from your post it sounds like maybe you've moved to the US?

    When it comes to your career ideas - I definitely hear you, yes a job pays the bills but it also takes up a lot of your life and so to hate it is really tough (I've been there). One tip I've been given before, which might help, is that instead of thinking of a specific job (e.g. working in academia), you think about what it is that job would give you that you don't currently have. This might help you think of other jobs which could have similar features, but not require the same qualifications you desire.

    If education is very hard to get into, is there anything else working with children? picking up your volunteering again would of course be great if you can.

    Whilst you are a bit older than our articles are aimed at, perhaps have a read of I hate my job, and there also an article about what to do if your "dream job" is genuinely unlikely to happen - I'll never get my dream job...and that's ok. Although that one may sound blunt, if you realistically don't think you can get the qualifications or experience for your "dream", it has some great tips on how to think differently.

    Let us know how you get on.

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