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That awkward moment when...

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There were some repeats of old episodes of The Inbetweeners over the weekend and the sheer awkwardness of it got me thinking, how do you move forward when the person you are with says something really awkward? Whether it is whilst sexting or when you are together, the next steps you take can make or break a relationship...

What do you reckon...how do you communicate that things got a bit awkward (or they mentioned something you aren't into) sensitively? Is there a way forward from this or is it always just going to be that little bit awkward...
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    Hi there,

    I think this situation occurs more frequently than can be imagined and should be dealt with according to the situation and person. I think the general rule of thumb is probably not to mention it in front of others as this may emphasis how awkward the situation is and also may make the other person feel bad and humiliate them.

    Instead generally take the person either aside, or avoid the awkward event and talk about them after, or if possible try and divert the awkward thing by changing the subject or doing something else. I feel this is easier if you know the person well. Some people may feel better at simply turning the situation into a bit of a joke, not about them but generally, whilst others may feel better if they are simply told about it and allowed to express their emotions and feelings in a passive and friendly manner.

    Hope this helped :)
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