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Special day time General Chat tomorrow (Thursday 17th March 10.30 - 12)

The MixThe Mix The Mix HQPosts: 2,608 Staff Team
Hey everyone,

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be holding a one off special day time General Chat from 10.30am to 12 midday.

General Chat is a great chance to come and socialize with other young people and have a fun, light-hearted chat about anything you fancy. Could be what you've been up to this week, your favourite show you're watching at the moment or what you've got lined up for the weekend.

Just so you're all aware, we've got some potential funders coming in tomorrow and they might be observing that chat. Apart from that GC will be as usual tomorrow. (obviously apart from the time) :)

You can find the chat here

See you there!

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  • HannHann Meme Queen MancPosts: 3,434 Boards Guru
    Again during a lecture pftttt
    I think I can make 15 minutes if I remember :P
  • **helen****helen** Mod malarkist Posts: 9,235 Listening Ear
    Hope so :) this will be open in a few minutes...
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