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My friend just told me he is sleeping with his cousin !!



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    its legal, seems a bit odd in todays society due to the closer family relations many of us have with our cousins as we're growing up but it isnt that uncommon.

    My aunty was married to and had children with one of her cousins! and her kids are both fine, with no handicaps (crazykitten, i think you may have been a bit sensationalist before) they're in their 30s now, with the mental ages of thirty odd year olds, in happy relationships and one even has just had her first baby!

    i wouldnt have a relationship with any of my cousins myself as i've grown up with them so they're more like brothers and sisters to me but its not to say that they cant if its legal!

    isnt it strange how some things that used to be perfectly normal years and years ago now appear as 'taboo' subjects whereas as a society we've become much more liberal in other areas. always thought that was an interesting thought!
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    Business wrote:
    Oh my god, i just got a call from my best friend who has told me he is sleeping with his cousin.
    I cant see the "big deal" i had slept with my cousin when i was "in need" although he used a condom of course... this lasted for about a year or 2... I think that if u really like someone it doesnt matter what family u are.
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