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Diabetics I need your help

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Hi this is the first time i've used the forum so forgive any mistakes!
I'm 45 and just been told i am a diabetic what if anything will i have to change? I know i will have to alter my diet but is there any thing that will drastically change probable a stupid question but any help is gratefull.


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    Hey there, it depends really whether you are controlling your diabetes with needle injections or with pills. Either way tho u will have changes to make, nothing drastic so dont panic. Yes, your diet will have to change, less sugar and fat and more carbohydrates. That isnt written in stone and most diabetics work it so they can have some sort of sweet occasionally. You'll need to be aware of hypos (blood sugar goes low) i think you'll know when this happens. I usually feel light headed and my fingers go numb, you need to carry something sweet on you all the time so you can fix this when it happens. You'll need a blood tester to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels and your clinic or dostor will reccomend how many times to test a day. Dont worry about it too much, i know its daunting but it all becomes like brushing your teeth although it seems strange now. Good Luck, you'll be fine. If you want to know anything else then I'm here on a daily basis...xxx.
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    believe me, Ireally know what u feel like ... I got diabetic when I was 8, that was a shock, but at least it's easier than if u have to change your whole lifestyle at 45 !

    Here are some hints:

    - dont b ashamed of being a diabetic, having to test ur bloodsugar and having to inject or take pills

    - Don't be to hard on yourself, u can still have a sweet or two as long as u "plan" ur sinn and ingect appropriately ...

    Hope this helps u ...

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