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is he worth sticking with?

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Right am bit unhappy with the treatment my bf has been giving me lately. I went on hols and wen i came back i had that said i love u, i miss u, i want u 2 be with me 4eva etc etc but then that night he dumped me, so i was naturally confused. on the same night we got back 2gether, i didnt beg or owt he just changed his mind for some reason n said he was sorry n didnt really wanna split up.

Anyway he then started being funny with me even more and i was getting very annoyed with him but i didnt say owt i jus let him get on with it but we was meant to be goin to a concert on sunday but his footy team are playin same night so he changed his mind n said he was goin to that instead (after i bout tickets costing £50!!) anyway we fell out more n more and on one msg wen i asked him what was wrong he said my mate had been texting him more recently, now i confronted her and she seemed shocked that he had mentioned her and i was even more confused. what did he mean? is there something going on? does he fancy her?
anyway everything seems to be ok now but i cant but feel he has treated me like crap and got away with it. I just cant tell if he is worth sticking with or not.

Ive been talking a lot to his mate lately and kinda flirtin with him and his mate has said he'd nva treat me like that and he'd love to go out with me n stuff, now i cudnt dump my bf for his m8 coz im not that sorta person and ino it'd really hurt my bf if i did that which i dont want to do coz i love him too much but ive found myself with a huge crush on his mate :s

plz help

btw, its long distance relationship im in, he lives 3hrs by train away from me and his m8 lives even futher.


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