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Drug policy - My manifesto.



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    They also have a very low rate of infections amoung heroin users because of their shooting galleries and needle exchanges.

    It does boil down to education, thats why my plan would be best executed over a 7-10 year period. If you gave kids good life skills classes from the age of 8 or 9, by the time they were late teens I think most would be able to make informed choices about which drugs they might use and we would see a much lower rate of teenage pregnancy.
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    don't know how i managed to answer my own thread up there and it come back different than the original ...betta roll another one.
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    Originally posted by bongbudda
    The problem with tightening the law is it will make really no big impact on the type of users who cause the big problems. Yes you might well deter quite a few MDMA users but is a crack addict going to change his/her mind? I think not.

    We have to try and seperate the softer from the harder drugs. At the moment I think the law is misguiding in its classifications. MDMA is not as dangerous as Heroin and cocaine is far more addictive than LSD. Yet the penalties for all are the same.

    It shouldnt just be about stopping crime and violence to create a better society, it should be about helping people's health too. Giving them an inscentive to look after their body and their mind.

    I also said that it wont have any impact on drug addicts... but then, no law no matter what it is will discourage them, even a relaxing on cannabis laws - thats not going to have the slightest effect. Which is what i think Luby implied.

    I think its important that people realise that stopping users of harder drugs isnt just important so we can reduce crime. Its about ensuring that people can have a good health. Giving them a motive. Because at the end of the day we can live without material posessions, healths much more important than that.

    Laws dont stop addicts who dont want to be helped though. Whether tougher or weeker, the only people laws may have an effect on are those who feel they can live without a drug, and can weigh up the pros and cons of potentially going to jail and decide that not buying that drug is the course they wish to take.
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    the great danger in upping penalties is you risk ...in fact you WILL create more violence.
    i used to have to move large quantities about ...all over the place.
    i have been done for police assualt a number of times and dangerous driving ...punching a copper in the nose and getting my gear away from there was a far less serious crime than what was in the car. what was in the car could have gotten me 8 maybe 10 years. punching the copper risked a few months but i only ever got fined.
    that was a long time ago but that was the thinking and practise of the day.
    things have moved on and instead of dealing with people like me the old bill now have to deal with guys who are tooled up. if a guy has something in his car that is going to get him ten years ...he'll shoot the copper and anyone else who gets in the way. thats what we have created through years of prohibition. what we would create by upping penalties doesn't bare thinking about.
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    If you make the condictions harder for dealers and users the price and therefore the profits will go up. You will weed out the weaker of the dealers and only the most ruthless will survive, as can already be seen in the crack market when they clamp down.
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    As i ahve said, making laws tougher (which personally i would hate being a user!!) isnt going to stop those who are already 'on it' and stuck in the addiction of drugs whether that be addiction to the drug ~ or like youve jsut mentioned (the dealers) those who are addicted to the money made from drugs.

    The only people it will impact are potential users, or 'novice' users for lack of a better word.
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