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Feel invalidated or like I'm overreacting when seeing others who have it worse off than me?

IainJammyboyIainJammyboy Posts: 925 What a way to make a living...
I don't know how to describe it, it's just difficult


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    AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,851 Extreme Poster
    Hey @IainJammyboy - you're seen and heard. You're not alone in feeling this way - many people will feel invalidated at some point in their lives. Is there a particular situation that makes you feel this way? Or has something occurred recently that's brought this to mind? We're here to listen to you <3
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    lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 409 Listening Ear
    @IainJammyboy I get this a lot too, it's really difficult to try not to compare yourself to others. For me I feel like it hurts most when I see other people receiving good support or reactions when that isn't how it normally goes for me.

    You are valid in your struggles just as much as anyone else, and I promise you're not overreacting, it's just difficult seeing others get the support we wish we could have for ourselves <3
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    kaiikaii Posts: 447 Listening Ear
    Hi @IainJammyboy, thank you for reaching out. You're not alone with this feeling at all. When it comes to struggles, I like to think that there is no 'worst struggle', or that someone's struggle is 'worser than' mine - we have our own hardships, each taking its own shape and form, needing its own support. Please remember that everyone's struggles are different, which doesn't mean that you don't need any help and support with your own. Please don't feel like you have to downplay your difficulties because of this - you are not overreacting.

    Like everyone else above, I just want to echo that your thoughts, feelings, and difficulties matter. I find it hard to believe this myself too as I think about this every now and then. It's hard to not compare - but we'll get there, we'll give ourselves the support and kindness we deserve <3

    Sending hugs,

    Kai <3
    cinnamoroll supremacy : )
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    knej23knej23 Posts: 33 Boards Initiate
    Hi @IainJammyboy that’s a valid feeling to have and we’ve all felt that way at some point! It’s important to try not to compare ourselves to other people or downgrade our own experiences/ problems. We all react to things differently and something that may feel minor to other people may have a big impact on you personally. This is normal and doesn’t make your problems lesser than someone else’s. So don’t feel afraid to seek support wherever possible :)
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    Katie12Katie12 Posts: 243 Trailblazer
    hey @IainJammyboy, i have felt like this in the past also so agree that it is definitely difficult! I think its only now when i look back at things, it is a lost easier to see that everyone has different struggles and it effects them all differently. What causes struggles for one person is not the same for another but everyone's feelings are completely valid and worthy of support.
    For me, I think what helped me most was thinking of it from a different perspective. If what i was going through was happening to one of my friends and not me, i would not think that they were invalid or that other people have it worse so it shouldn't be a big deal. Instead, i would try to help and support them because that is what they deserve.
    Hope you are feeling a little better today :)
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    dyoverdxdyoverdx Posts: 49 Boards Initiate
    edited March 27
    Try this. Instead of feeling invalidated, be grateful that you recognise that people there are people worse off.
    It’s good to have that insight but don’t dismiss your problems though.
    Instead use this idea as a positive reinforcement .
    “Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore.”
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    IainJammyboyIainJammyboy Posts: 925 What a way to make a living...
    @dyoverdx I get what you mean, I guess it just feels like in the way no one cares or offers any support until it gets to a certain point if that makes sense
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