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What do you wish you knew in school?

ellaella Community Manager Posts: 76 Budding Regular
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Note: Answers to this thread may be anonymously used for a social media post series all about what we wish we knew when we were younger at school
We spend so much time at school, but looking back, there are some things that maybe didn't get the emphasis they deserved. So, I thought it would be interesting to hear from everyone: what are some things you wish you'd known in school?

For me, it was definitely revision/study skills. I always ended up cramming for exams, but I never really learned how to learn efficiently. Wish I'd known about some of the skills I had to teach myself after I had left school!

Another thing would be Financial literacy. Beyond basic budgeting, understanding things like credit and credit scores would have been really helpful!

But that's just me! What about you all? Do you wish you'd focused more on a particular subject? Maybe you would have benefitted from guidance on navigating social situations or writing your CV.

Let's share our experiences and maybe help current students get the most out of their school years!
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    MaisyMaisy Moderator Posts: 627 Incredible Poster
    I agree with financial literacy. There's so much I've had to learn that might've been easier if it were taught in school. Budgeting and learning to work out what the best deals are is good. But so too is understanding credit cards, credit scores, loans, how interest works, different types of savings accounts and very importantly tax!

    A basic life skills curriculum would've been good too. We had cookery lessons, and while that was interesting, I think a focus on preparing meals, healthy eating etc., would've been helpful to know. The same for textiles technology, it was good learning to use a sewing machine, but knowing how to sew a button, stitch up a pocket, how to follow instructions for washing and ironing fabrics would've good to know too.

    We did have careers lessons back when I was in school. But I actually don't remember learning how to write a CV or cover letter. It would've been really good to learn more about different careers in general, as well as a more personalised approach for helping you to choose the right career for you.

    For me, personally, the biggest thing really is that I wish I knew that even though I struggled making friends and felt like I didn't fit in, that there wasn't something wrong with me (which I believed at the time). I wish I'd know that I just hadn't found the right people to fit in with (but that they are out there!)
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    lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 409 Listening Ear
    I wish I knew that grades weren't the be all and end all and that my mental health is much more important.

    I also wish that I didn't compare myself to everyone else as much both academically and also socially
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    FordRangerFordRanger Posts: 1,279 Wise Owl
    I wish I knew how to behave better lol
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    ebyrne556ebyrne556 Moderator Posts: 818 Part of The Mix Family
    Great idea for a thread! I wish i knew well i sort of did but went to a really highly pressurised academic school so was under stress a lot I wish i knew that grades arent everything and you are doing really well even tho others might be trying to put u down or shrugging it off and university isn’t the only option out their and not to put so much pressure on myself <3
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    sinead276sinead276 Posts: 1,036 Wise Owl
    Gotta agree with the financial literacy and the basic life skills stuff - would definitely have helped me out as I got older

    I do think schools should teach in more detail about mental health. my school often did the whole 'mental health workshop' type things when exams came around, but they were often very generic and surface level, when really a lot more detail could've been given on how we can go about protecting our wellbeing both in and out of school.
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    dyoverdxdyoverdx Posts: 49 Boards Initiate
    I wish we had psychology lessons for us to manage with stress earlier on in life.
    I wish we practiced meditation to do this. For example during form time to have 10 minutes focussed mindfulness.
    The brain is still developing at that age and I think it’s the best time to learn the benefits of mindfulness.
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    LozLoz Community Champion Posts: 113 The Mix Convert
    I wish I knew it wasn't going to be easy, and that it was okay to reach out for support.

    I spent a lot of time feeling lonely within myself not knowing that they could help and offer resources.
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    GemmaGemma Community Manager Posts: 589 Incredible Poster
    edited March 25
    It's been so interesting to read through everyone's thoughts. I think it's so key that so many of us have picked up the fact schools don't adequately cover topics surrounding mental health, emotional health, coping mechanisms, support structures, how to recognise when you might need support / how to reach out and ask for what you need. Such important stuff.

    I also think there should have been more taught around how to build healthy relationships, especially in high school when many people are dabbling in their first relationships. I don't remember being taught much about what a healthy relationship looks like and feels like.

    I also think it would have been good to have been taught more around rights & responsibilities, sustainability, climate change and activism too. :)
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    Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,988 Community Veteran
    I noticed that really schools should have focused more on wellbeing in general especially for exam season. We had something similar but it was mostly teachers drilling on about working hard and going to uni's considered *successful* when really they should have been priortising mental health and awarenss around that. I also wanted more lessons LGBTQ+ and also pride becuase the only time I learnt about LGBTQ+ was Re sadly and not dedicated enough time to it personally. Also I think bills and life skills should have been taught more because it saddens me to see a lot of young people struggling to pay rent,bills all because their schools wanted them to be successful and forgot to think about the bigg er picture of life such as doing basic stuff
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