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Caffeine and bipolar

dyoverdxdyoverdx Posts: 49 Boards Initiate
I’ve recognised I need to stop having coffee as I have about 10 a day and it affects my mood a lot. I end up doing and saying things that I end up regretting when I start to feel elated in mood as I’m bipolar with comorbid BPD. I also get poor anxiety. Can anyone relate?
“Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore.”


  • AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,851 Extreme Poster
    Hey @dyoverdx, just wanted to pop in and acknowledge your post. I can hear how your current mood changes are making you feel regretful. We're human, we all make decisions that we regret or not proud of sometimes - it's best to learn from them and do better in the future :)

    10 coffees in a day is a lot - I can imagine that that much caffeine in your system won't be healthy. How do you feel about talking to a GP about lowering your caffeine intake?
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  • dyoverdxdyoverdx Posts: 49 Boards Initiate
    I thought of replacing coffee with green tea. I might go to the GP about it thoufh
    “Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore.”
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