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Self diagnosing

ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,961 Community Veteran
Wat is it? Do ppl just say 'I hav this'
Crazy mad insane


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    lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 405 Rank not found
    @ellie2000 Self diagnosing is quite a vague term and it can be used legitimately where someone has put a lot of research into figuring out what might be going on with them and they may identify particularly with a certain diagnosis. Some people are against the idea, however this is often the first step towards getting a diagnosis or may even be the closest thing to it as healthcare isn't always accessible
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    AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,851 Extreme Poster
    Hey @ellie2000 - to provide some more context to what @lunarcat522 explained. Some people are against the idea, as traditionally a doctor/medical expert is qualified to give a formal diagnosis, whereas the average person isn't (as they haven't done a medical degree or formal training).

    Getting the diagnosis from a medical professional gives more confidence and credence that the assessment and treatment is appropriate. Self diagnosis may result in people taking steps (e.g. treatments) that might not help, or even make the situation worse, as the symptoms might be another condition, or no condition at all - but without the adequate training, they might not have the knowledge to know that.

    The safe play is to speak to a GP and get properly assessed by medical professionals who have the training, experience and tools to determine the most appropriate diagnosis and get the right help for the situation.
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