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January achievements, with a theme of connection!

kaiikaii Posts: 425 Listening Ear
Hello everyone, I hope you've all been keeping well this January! I wanted to continue what I started last year, which was sharing what we've achieved each month - because reading all your posts last year really warmed up my heart :smile:

Achievements don't need to be massive - no matter how small they might be, it's the positive impact on you that's important! Feel free to write as many as you wish :3

Here are some of my achievements this month:

- successfully managed to get a research fellow position
- took small steps to combat my germaphobia
- finished reading a really good book which got me out of my reading slump
- wrote a short poem that I'm really proud of

As well as achievements, I also wanted to add monthly themes related to mental health. Inspired from Brew Monday this month (more info can be found here!: https://www.samaritans.org/support-us/campaign/brew-monday/), I'd also like to know, how have you have stayed connected with the world/with others this month?

- for me, I've stayed connected to the world by allowing more time for creativity - recently I've been writing poetry and relearning previous songs I played on the piano. In terms of connecting with others, I was able to have a day where I reunited with other psychology placement students, where we talked about how we've been finding our placements so far :3

Well done everyone for getting through January! I'd love to hear what you've done this month <3
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lunarcat522AnonymousToeamy02Azzimanebyrne556Amy22Past User


  • amy02amy02 Moderator Posts: 74 Budding Regular
    What a great idea @kaii thanks for sharing! We can often forget all the little achievements we've made from day to day :3

    This month I've met my work deadlines on time, read the books I've had on the shelf forever and tried out some new baking recipes that I've never done before! I also find getting out in green spaces makes me feel more connected to the world <3
  • kaiikaii Posts: 425 Listening Ear
    @lunarcat522, thank you so much for sharing! I'm really happy to hear that you've been taking care of yourself this month, it must feel great to get lots and lots of sleep, and you're so brave for taking action for greater mental wellbeing! Amazing job for doing so well in school too!

    I'm glad that you've been keeping in touch with friends - it's a such nice feeling to stay in touch with them, no matter how far they may be <3

    @amy02, you're so right, taking a step back and celebrating our achievements is something that we often forget to do in our busy lives - thank you so much for sharing what you've done! It's honestly such a good feeling to finally get to read the books that have been sitting on the shelf forever, and very well done for meeting your deadlines and for being brave to try out some new baking recipes! <3

    And I really couldn't agree more with getting out in green spaces! There's just something about it that connects you to the world, green spaces are always something to admire! :3
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  • ebyrne556ebyrne556 Moderator Posts: 753 Part of The Mix Family
    Hey everyone! <3
    I always love hearing everybody’s achievements through the month. Very proud of you January is never an easy month for anybody, but we’re nearly there only one day to go!
    Here’s some of my achievements this month
    -Starting to focus more on my driving theory
    -Eating new foods and reintroducing old ones back in
    - Finishing one of my courses
    - Prioritising my health when i need to
    Connections really important and sometimes I think we tend to forget how important it is!
    Here’s to an amazing feburary for everyone <3
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  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,797 Community Veteran
    Hiya all <3

    So nice hearing everyone's achievements this month especially loving the connection theme. I think for me most of mine have been work networking connections and using Linkedin to connect with other apprentices

    I think one of my achievements was just simply being right now and being in the moment when working on multiple tasks. I haven't achieved much this month personally so fingers crossed when Feb comes along I shall hit the ground running as they say and start achieving more. :bleep_bloop::blush:
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  • AnonymousToeAnonymousToe Posts: 845 Part of The Mix Family
    I applied to uni. That’s all I’ve done this month lol, hoping February is better for me because it’s been a hard time recently
  • Matthew_04Matthew_04 Moderator Posts: 58 Boards Initiate
    These were all so lovely to read <3
    My achievements this month are:
    • Gotten better at reaching out when I notice my mental health starting to decline
    • Tried to push myself out of my comfort zone and attend more uni socials
    • Managed to dedicate time each day to do some self care

    These posts just go to show how important it is to stay connected with others, especially during the winter months. Hopefully February will be a bit brighter (and warmer🤞) for all of us
  • nat_nat_ Moderator Posts: 32 Boards Initiate
    @kaii thanks for continuing this! we can sometimes forget little achievements are still achievements <3
    my achievements this month has been; finally starting my book that I have been wanting to read for so long, finally finishing my exam week which made me incredibly busy, and getting back into a routine for university - it can be difficult when your routine changes to go back to normal but I'm glad I'm finally there!
  • kaiikaii Posts: 425 Listening Ear
    edited February 2
    @ebyrne556, amazing job! Learning the theory behind driving is so hard, I wish you good luck with it! And I'm really happy to hear that you've been prioritising your health - it can be hard to make time just for ourselves :smile:

    @Amy22, I think it's difficult to really live in the present and accept things as they are now, so really well done! It's amazing that you've connected with other apprentices through LinkedIn, it's great to be part of a community who's going through the same boat as you :smile:

    @AnonymousToe, really good job for applying to uni and for getting through this month despite it being difficult for you! You're so amazing for not giving up - I'm sure February will work in your favour! <3

    @Matthew_04, super glad that you've spent this month taking care of yourself, as you should! Our self-care can easily be neglected, and dedicating a bit of time each day for self-care is a great step to achieving greater mental wellbeing - so well done! I also hope for a better and warmer February!

    @nat_, yes, little achievements are still achievements! Incredible job for getting through your exams - the assessment period is always so stressful! Good luck with your results! And I agree, the shift in routine can be quite difficult and overwhelming, but I'm so happy that you've all got it covered!

    Thank you for sharing everyone, I really enjoyed reading all your achievements! Hope everyone has a lovely February and that we stay connected! :3<3
    cinnamoroll supremacy : )
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