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Here4You Film - what were your thoughts? 🌟

GemmaGemma Community Manager Posts: 453 Listening Ear
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[Image description: Four young people who feature in the Here4You film are sitting on a sofa. There is text below that reads, 'Here4You a film hosted by Roman Kemp'. The partner charities logos sit below.]

As many of you know, The Mix have partnered on the launch of Here4you, a groundbreaking film presented by Roman Kemp to help young people. 😊

In a warm, hopeful and uplifting broadcast, Roman Kemp is joined by other famous faces to offer support, signpost to help, and empower young people to take charge of their mental health.

The short film shares real stories from both young people and famous faces, offering support and tools you can use in real life.

Thank you SO much to everyone who came along to watch the film at our movie night last night! It was lovely to chat to you all during the film and it was so interesting to hear your thoughts on how the film impacted you as well as what changes you would like to see going forward in terms of access to mental health support, in schools and beyond.

You can still stream the film on YouTube or via ITVX.

We'd love to further the discussion here with everyone... so if you've watched the film, let us know below:
  • What were your thoughts on the film?
  • What self-care tips would you recommend to others to try to help them?
  • What would you say to someone that's struggling and is feeling nervous to reach out for help?
  • How do you think more young people could learn about The Mix and get support?
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  • Amy22Amy22 Posts: 3,770 Community Veteran
    Hey @Gemma I attended both the film nights and thought that the Here4You film was so good and brilliant. It really caught my attention I think especially because there were well known celebrities talking about their experiences of mental health and I feel that sometimes it's good to have someone or even an influencer you follow talk about their experiences. Personally, this film should be shown in all schools as for younger people it could help them to speak out more. I do still feel like there is stigma around talking and there shoulden't be at all. There is nothing wrong about speaking out or saying you are struggling.

    I think one of my self care tips is trying some breathing, taking a deep breath in and out. Breathing can help regulate you when you feel anxious. Also, one thing I do is a lot of crochet and knitting because it helps me to stay grounded in the present.

    I think if someone was struggling I would tell them to never be afraid of speaking out and saying they need help. It's very brave to ask for help sometimes and can be the most bravest thing someone can do in their lives.

    I think a lot of young people tend to use social media, Tiktok seems to be the biggest platform used and I feel like if TheMix had a tiktok account maybe, they could post well-being videos which could potentially appeal to that younger audience.
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