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Why do some other people my age treat me like crap??? I genuinely don't understand

IainJammyboyIainJammyboy Posts: 843 Part of The Mix Family
Usually it's people I don't know, I mean it could just be me being really paranoid. I mean I think they're making fun of me or watching Me, mocking me, following me???? Maybe it's more so around all this complete mental health decline where this paranoia is getting so bad it's resulting in self harm?? I don't understand. All that I know if face to face I have no problem talking to them and making new friends all the time - maybe it is in my head, but at this point I'm unable to distinguish what it is that's fake and I'm making up and what is real


  • lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 335 The Mix Regular
    Hi @IainJammyboy if it's people you don't know, it's probably less likely to be personal, there's often lots of things going on for people, and if they are making fun of you, just try to keep in mind that they don't know you and you shouldn't give them the time of day if they treat strangers like that.

    It sounds like you're struggling to tell whether it's paranoia or whether these things are actually happening. Regardless your feelings are valid either way, but if it's something that's causing you distress then it might help to speak to a counsellor to help you break down these circumstances as they come.

    In the meantime it might help to document each of these experiences to see if there are any patterns e.g. a certain time of day, or a certain day of the week, a certain place this is happening at.

    I hope this helps and things get better for you, this sounds really difficult to deal with, just know your doing really well <3
  • Katie12Katie12 Posts: 210 Trailblazer
    Sorry to hear it sounds like you're struggling atm!
    like @lunarcat522 said, if it is people you do not know then it is probably not something aimed personally at you even though it may feel like it and is very hard not to. If people feel the need to be so upsetting to others then the problem really lies with them.
    I hope that you are feeling a little better, you are doing so well for even just sharing this <3
  • MaisyMaisy Moderator Posts: 594 Incredible Poster
    Sometimes people might treat us differently if they think we are 'different' to them in some way. Other times, it might be that we've had a past of being badly treated and we are now suspicious of others we don't know (and if that's the case, then chances are, the other people might be absorbed in their own thoughts). Or it could be mental health related paranoia. Whatever the reason, no one should actually treat you badly.

    Since you're having a hard time trying to distinguish what's really going on, I'm wondering if there is anyone you feel comfortable talking to that you could share this with? They might be able to help you figure out what might be people not being nice to you, or you feeling suspicious based on past events or the paranoia from mental health issues.

    Hope this helps a bit <3
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