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ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,893 Community Veteran
How u forget wat ur worrying about? How do u think positive stuff? Wen I'm uncertain, I think of the past and want the past to happen agen bc I still feel emotionally, everything's gd now but I still ruminate n worry, y?😫
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  • lunarcat522lunarcat522 Posts: 326 The Mix Regular
    @ellie2000 It can be really difficult to forget and stop worrying. I find that keeping myself busy helps distract me a bit, so I do a lot of volunteering, reading and listening to music but these might not work for everyone. There are lots of reasons why people might worry and it is normal to an extent but if it is impacting your life to the point where it feels out of your control and you feel like you're worrying more than normal, I'd advise speaking to someone about it, whether it's a family member, a friend or even the doctor so you can get support with what you're experiencing.
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,893 Community Veteran
    edited December 2023
    @lunarcat522 wat about wanting to go through trauma again? in the old town i asked 'can u r_p_ me' after it settled down, i did ask someone in the new town im in but ppl only got concerned nd i had a tlkn to
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  • VicK_toriousVicK_torious Posts: 105 The Mix Convert
    Hey @lunarcat522 , i'd assume that wanting to go through trauma again wouldn't really be the case, but more like being used to a traumatic situation and don't know otherwise, or feel scared and unconfortable settling in relationships otherwise. I would recommend speakng to a professional or someone close to you about this as it might affect your social and personal relationships, and ofc you have to make sure that you make safe decisions <3
  • AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,798 Extreme Poster
    Hey @ellie2000, I hear you. It sounds like you're worried about being worried, especially when it relates to past events. It's difficult to control our thoughts, and sometimes the more we try to control it, the more we get worried! Practices like mindfulness can be really useful, as you simply let them pass without engaging with them. Or, as @lunarcat522 says, distracting yourself by engaging with something can help take your mind off things.

    We all worry from time to time - some things in life are simply worth worrying about, because we care about them. It's when our worries regularly interfere with our ability to live our lives that we need to be concerned and seek help. As the others have said, having an outlet can help - whether that's written down in a diary or on the boards here, or if that's speaking to someone (in person or over the phone).

    I wonder, why do you think you think of the past when you're uncertain about things?
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