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Useful Autistic Resources/Materials

KBee99KBee99 Posts: 46 Boards Initiate

I thought I would do a post linking to some autistic charities/organisations which can help support people and also some books/documentaries resources which I found very insightful about autism.

- National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society provides support, guidance, and practical advice through their website, branches, or helpline to adults and children. They also host webinars to help autistic people to gain skills for employment. They also have an online community where autistic people can talk to like minded autistic people and discuss experiences.



The NHS have created a guide to help understand what autism is and how someone can help an autistic individual or someone who suspects they may be autistic. This includes how to get a diagnosis and where you can gain support.

- Ambitious about Autism


Ambitious about Autism provides information on autism and how to get support in educational environments and prepare for adulthood.

- Autistic Girls Network


This is a small charity who have provided information specifically for females who are autistic. They have linked numerous resources to help females understand their autism such as books, podcasts and a blog.

- Scottish Autism


If you are Scottish, Scottish Autism provide an advice line open Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm where you can use a live chat or phone line. Alternatively you can email them. This service can be used by an autistic individual, their families, and professionals. They also create personalised support plans based on the individuals strengths and motivations.


- Inside Our Autistic Minds (BBC IPlayer)
- Christine McGuinness: Unmasking my Autism (BBC IPlayer)

TV Show

I know this is a drama and therefore should be seen as entertainment, but I do find this tv shows to be very helpful in understanding autism and how families cope with an autism diagnosis.

- The A Word (BBC IPlayer)


- Strong Female Character by Fern Brady (provides a good awareness and understanding of female autism)

- Can You See Me? by Libby Scott (Diary entry’s from a young autistic girl)

Education Support

- If you are in education (school, college or university), I highly recommend getting in touch with your guidance teacher, student wellbeing support or a personal academic tutor if you require support with your autism or if you suspect you may be autistic. They can help provide you with resources and make sure you are coping okay with your education.

I hope this was helpful! If anyone has any additional resources they wish to share feel free to comment below :)


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