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need some help

libbystrawberrylibbystrawberry Community Champion Posts: 556 Incredible Poster
hey so i wanna ask my mum to call my doctors and i just wanna know what y'all think i should say bcz i want to ask for a referral for some sort of therapy (counselling) and maybe a psychiatrist, soyeah just wanna know
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  • sharellepatelsharellepatel Posts: 39 Boards Initiate
    Hey @libbystrawberry ! Firstly it is such a strength to actively acknowledge that you want to use a mental health / wellbeing facility.

    I would also say that getting a referral from your GP would not be an issue - alternatively if you would feel more comfortable having your mum be present in the conversation with the GP, I think depending on the situation, it is sometimes easier to just ask your mum to sit in on the call or appointment so that she can equally understand your thoughts alongside the GP. But if you feel comfortable enough to speak to your mum beforehand, I think it could be encouraging for yourself to go into the GP appointment knowing that somebody already understands what you are feeling.

    Sending lots of care!

    Feel free to private message me at any point if you are unsure how to go about speaking to your mum :)
    Sending Hugs and a Helping Hand x
  • ebyrne556ebyrne556 Moderator Posts: 753 Part of The Mix Family
    Heya @libbystrawberry Thanks everyone for the amazing peer support already . Firstly it is extremely brave to acknowledge that you need that extras support so well done Just seconding whats been said it’s definitely important to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with at the time of the appointment. Mabye you could write down what to say if that helps as i know sometimes when im nervious i get a bit tounge tied or go blank. You could also mabye get your mum to sit there with you and mabye if you feel stuck or overwhelmed she could step in and support you during the phone call however it depends how much you want her support. Sending hugs <3
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