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Confused about BTEC results (Pearson/Edexcel)

DancerDancer Community Champion Posts: 7,356 Old Timer
I know that BTEC results are coming out next Thursday but I'm a bit confused about how it all works. So far I've only done 2 units for each subject but I did an exam for 1 unit of both subjects (I do 2 BTECs and 1 A-Level.) Do the results come out for just the exam or do I also get a coursework grade so far as well? And also is the layout similar to how it is for GCSE or are BTEC results printed differently? I did a BTEC at GCSE but I got the whole thing at the end of my course. Do BTEC students normally get separate results for year 12 and then a final grade at the end of year 13 or is it just something that Pearson do but not other exam boards? My school has made it confusing lol.
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  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Moderator Posts: 4,933 The Mix Elder
    Hey @Dancer. Lots of valid questions! And it is important to note that you will have lots of (hopefully friendly) staff available on the day to help you understand all of this. From my understanding and experience, it seems all your results will be released together (as long as they have not been delayed by the strikes). You should get an overall grade for each subject and a breakdown for your coursework and exams. I am not sure about the difference between year 12 and 13 though, sorry. I am sure you will do fabulous - we all believe in you and are here with you :)
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