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Hate people

Past UserPast User In a holePosts: 0 Just got here
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  • GemmaGemma Community Manager Posts: 463 Listening Ear
    I'm hearing that you feel some people in your life haven't been very nice to you recently, @Morgyn007. I'm sorry to hear this and it's totally okay to distance ourselves from people who don't support us or add value to our lives, for the sake of our own wellbeing.

    Can I ask what you mean when you say this makes you unsafe?

    We're here if you want to chat more about what's happened <3.
  • AzzimanAzziman Moderator, Community Champion Posts: 1,798 Extreme Poster
    @Morgyn007 just stepping in for Gemma here. That's okay, no pressure to talk if you're not comfortable with it. We're ready to listen if and when you do feel up to it <3
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  • yanayana Community Champion Posts: 1,266 Wise Owl
    Sending lots of hugs! As @Azziman said it's ok if u don't wanna talk about it but I just wanted to say u should be proud of urself for distancing urself from these people, that's honestly great to hear ur putting yourself first. Well done <3
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