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ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,890 Community Veteran
i offered someone my bed coz they were yawning, but they sed no. is tht an odd thing to offer?
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  • ebyrne556ebyrne556 Moderator Posts: 753 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi @ellie2000 How has your weekend been? I can understand how some people may find it a bit odd however It depends on each individuals reaction and circumstances.It also might depend on how close you are with the person.Was it a friend? I know you were only trying to be kind and felt that you were helping someone out

    I Hope this makes sense ok
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  • support_squad23support_squad23 Posts: 113 The Mix Convert
    Hi @ellie2000

    Your caring and considerate personality is shining through in this comment. It must've been a bit confusing when this offer was declined. I understand that you had their best interests at heart.

    Sleeping can often be quite a vulnerable and personal thing. Some people prefer to sleep only in their own bed. In general, this offer might typically be made to those we are close to or know quite well.

    An offer of a bed can also be mistaken sometimes for something of a sexual nature. This, at times, might make some people feel uncomfortable if they interpret an offer in this manner. I understand this wasn't your intention, but this misunderstanding can sometimes happen.

    I hope this brings some clarity. Do not hesitate to ask more questions.
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