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I don't want to be here anymore

TitchTitch Posts: 20 Boards Initiate
I would like to make it clear that I am safe and ok. I just don't want to be here anymore, My life isn't worth living. I feel like I'm just taking up space. I have struggled for many years with my mental health and nobody wants to help me. I've been in and out of therapy and rejected by the mental health team even when I told them I wanted to die. I am not worthy of help. I just don't know what to do anymore. Again, I am safe and not planning to do anything bad, I am just sharing my feelings because there is no one in my life I can reach out to. I hope this is OK to post.


  • SpaceOtterSpaceOtter Community Champion Posts: 701 Part of The Mix Family
    Hi Titch. Firstly i wanted to say im really sorry to hear how much pain youre in right now. But im really glad you were able to share your feelings with us, you shouldnt have to go throgh this alone. We are always happy to listen <3

    I know you may not believe me but you are so worthy of help. You deserve to be happy. And youre not taking up space.

    Im really sorry to hear about the mental health team and therapy. Im sorry i dont realy have any advise. I just wanted to let you know that youre not alone.

    Sending lots of hugs. Always happy to listen.
    You're awesome!
  • TitchTitch Posts: 20 Boards Initiate
    Thank you, SpaceOtter. That's kind of you to say and has helped me so thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment.
  • ebyrne556ebyrne556 Moderator Posts: 744 Part of The Mix Family
    Morning @Titch How are you feeling this morning? Following on from @SpaceOtter Im sorry to hear that you are having a tough time at the minute but im also really proud of you for reaching out to us in the community as well and sharing how you are feeling. You are not alone and you are really important to us. We care about you

    Also It is 100 percent ok to post please dont feel that you cant your feelings are 100 percent valid.Im glad that you are safe and that you know this is a safe space for you to open up.

    Im so sorry that you have been rejected by the mental health team.I can understand how frustrating and upsetting that must have made you feel especially since you were so open and honest with how you were feeling and trusted them.Did the support you got in the past from therapy help you at all? I know it doesnt work for everyone and im sure you may be reluctant to try again after the lack of support they have given to you

    Take care and we are hear for you always you are never taking up space and we value you
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  • TitchTitch Posts: 20 Boards Initiate
    Thank you so much for your comment @ebyrne556 ! I'm doing ok, I'm feeling a litle better this morning. The sun is shining and I'm finding hope. I have found therapy somewhat helpful but I think I need to accept that I will always have to fight this, rather than looking for a "fix". I just think if I told the mental health team how suicidal I was and they still don't want to help me then what hope is there to ever get the right support. I reached out again to a local self-referral therapy service recently and told her about my suicidal feelings, I am starting a group on self-esteem in April. Not sure how that is going to help but going into it with an open mind. I'm going to try and do some self-care today. Thank you again for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. I hope you are okay your end!
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