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Feeling bad from work

tkdogtkdog Posts: 281 The Mix Regular
Not been feeling 100 per cent lately. Like some days at work are good but there have been fine but there been days i really dont know what im doing, i reavh out for help and dont get much. I still have a project to do. But i just feel so confused all the time and out of depth.

To make things worse my manager said that though he is fine with how im doing someone externally said they think im not contributing to meetings or some sort. This isnt that i never talk but often i find it hard to even ask questions as everything so technical and others are more experienced, casual chat is fine. I was told i should just say i didnt get it but i will talk later with someone. But even then its hard to get a word in and i feel like id just be saying that all the time forever. Sometimes u just want to listen and take it in. And i feel kinda rushed in. Things are chaotic and when i joinrd things not in place nor are they still. Resources are not easy to find and when your manager doesnt even know whats going on it sucks. When he does he isnt available been stuck in so many meetings. He said he will help more though which is a relief. But ive been kinda frustrated for a while like i had a week where i was making progress and doing good work but now i just feel stuck again.ive got new stuff to do now but its very difficult challenging stuff.

I am thinking of quitting like optimally id hold on a bit longer but idk maybe that would make things worse. If im not happy better to leave?
Not sure what to tell parents just cuz im not good
Like i dont think they be like no and cant stop it but i want to phrase it like some way that makes sense and that i know what im doing. I dont want it to be big shock. I havent decided yet. And i think id want to retrain u see for something else rather than hop to somethin else similar. Im feeling quite sick and tired. And maybe its not for me sure some are management issues but maybe i just find it boring, its hard to feel motivated in and now i feel even less being told that. I was already considering reaching out and asking for more help but it feels weird. I should be getting more but im feel eh about it and still even then think i should quit.

Anyone have any advice. I am thinking of doing something art related but i know its competitive and low paid so idk. Maybe if technical art more but i dont want bad conditions or that. But i guess just need to do something i enjoy. I could stick around and maybe get better but im frustrated and very unhappy.


  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Moderator Posts: 4,927 The Mix Elder
    edited February 12
    You have been really brave reaching out to us @tkdog. I can hear how difficult it is to sometimes not know what you are doing at work, especially as you reach out for support and don’t get much.

    Meetings sound particularly difficult as you are struggling to get your voice heard within meetings and this has been identified externally.

    I always say you know what’s best for you. No one can tell you what to do but we are all here for you, listening to you and supporting you through this.

    What would ideal support look like for you at the moment? It sounds like the support is a key factor in how you are feeling and your thought process at the moment <3
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  • tkdogtkdog Posts: 281 The Mix Regular
    edited February 15
    Yeah like getting closer to people might help a bit in talking but a lot just it requires the right sort of technical knowledge to talk sometimes like you can kinda show engagement by noding and saying you will read up stuff but only so much and it starts to just feel awkward. I feel like its particularly harsh they judge when the same people are not the ones who will help you.

    Ive got someone externally I can reach out to now which is good though at same time some of the stuff makes me feel awkward like his idea that you got to always say you are feeling amazing as that makes people like look at you in that way.
    But what if you aren't feeling that way? And many times im not it is hard to feel that way.

    I'm still considering to leave at some point. I would like a career change as long as I do the prep for it which can be difficult.
    But ive got much I could gain so it would be ideal to hang on for a bit and my manager said he would try support me more though a busy person he is and he even admitted he could do better managing others. I feel like they just need two leaders or something as one person is not enough it seems. And if i seem uninterested its as i feel pushed out of stuff. I feel like these meetings are all over the top though does anyone think to like just reduce them down to the ones we need or shorten them.

    I dunno what other support I can have maybe someone technically able to help more and just getting more attention given. Like when I do get help it can be confusing just sending me links to sites which im not sure help. A lot of work resources are spread all over which doesnt help too much either.

  • Terry8936Terry8936 Posts: 271 The Mix Regular
    You've taken a brave step reaching out for suppor here @tkdog . It's sounds like a really difficult situation you are going through at work and it's understandable to hear how you're feeling. It's good that you have someone to reach out to and your manager is supportive. I'm hearing that he's offered to try and support you more and knows that he could be doing more there to support those he manages. It seems like it's technical support you are looking for now. What do you feel could help you find someone who has the technical knowledge to help?

    It sounds like you've been reflecting on this decision and analyzing the pros and cons which is a positive step, and eventually you will know what is best for yourself.
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