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peer mentor

ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,892 Community Veteran
wat does tht 1 do. nd wat is tht 'recovery star' and why r they pushy
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  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,892 Community Veteran
    edited November 2022
    why dont they let u say wats on ur mind
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  • jess63jess63 Posts: 286 The Mix Regular
    Hi @ellie2000

    A peer mentor is usually someone who provides advice and support to others. They usually have experienced similar issues themselves. I've never actually heard of a recover star before. From what I've found by searching it is a tool for supporting and measuring change when working with adults who experience mental health problems. I'll attach the link here https://www.centreformentalhealth.org.uk/sites/default/files/recovery_star_org_guide.pdf
    Was this what you meant?
    The steps you take don't have to be big, they just need to take you in the right direction.
  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 3,892 Community Veteran
    Tht 1. But I thought it was 🤬 I didn't understand what they were blabbering on about. Is it for college ppl
    I had oxegen breathe tht was gd.
    Now I got a normal human being tlk talk to. I didn't think I was allowed family contact wen everything was awful, I felt I was set up to fail, I still feel tht way today. Stuck in tht time period frm wen the s.assualt happened to wen everything came to a stop and I got away frm bullying frm certain groups and authorities. I still hide in one corner now n again, I occupy myself but don't enjoy stuff
    How do I stop feeling this way?
    Crazy mad insane
  • Laura_tigger82Laura_tigger82 Moderator Posts: 5,066 Part of The Furniture
    I can hear you feel confused by what they were blabbering on about @ellie2000. Please can I ask what you are wondering if it is for college people, do you mean peer mentoring?

    It is really positive that you had oxygen breathe and you now have a normal human to talk to.

    Though it sounds really difficult for you that you did not think you were allowed family contact when everything was awful, you felt you were set up to fail and you still feel that way today.

    I can hear that this was exacerbated by the s assault. This means that you still hide in one corner now and again and you occupy yourself but don't enjoy stuff.

    What would stopping feeling this way look like for you, in an ideal world? We are here for you and listening to you if you would like to share more with us :)
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