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Social worker files

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  • jess63jess63 Posts: 267 The Mix Regular
    Hi @Morgan007

    I'm hearing that you are scared to read your adoption file. That does sound difficult. It's been a couple of days since you posted this, I was just wondering how you were feeling about this now?
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  • MaisyMaisy Moderator Posts: 531 Incredible Poster
    That sounds like a lot to take in. How are you feeling after finding out that you have a half brother?
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  • genderless_fungigenderless_fungi Moderator Posts: 156 Helping Hand
    Hello @Morgan007,

    I see you're feeling lost and have not been able to express or identify your feelings. It seems like this situation is taking a toll on you and it would be difficult for anyone in your position to interpret what would understandably be very complex thoughts and sentiments. Remember that this forum is a safe place that it can be used to write down your feelings and receive advice/help from peers, so whenever you feel ready, if you want, don't hesitate to share them with us :)

    In terms of support, I was wondering if you would feel comfortable letting me know what kind of help you would need at the moment, whether it'll be advice, comfort, or signposting. Also, would the type of support you need be aimed at adults over 18 or teens?

    In the meantime, I would like to signpost you to an association that might be able to give you more specialised help and insight.
    AdoptionUk has a helpline you would be able to call for practical suggestions, information, and encouragement, and they would be able to point you in the right direction for specialist help.
    the number is 0300 666 0006

    Opening hours

    (excluding Bank Holidays)
    Mon - Fri: 10.00 – 14.30
    General Helpline: Mon – Fri: 10.00 – 14.30
    FASD Hub Scotland: Tues - Fri: 10.00 – 14.30
    Northern Ireland
    Mon – Fri: 9.00 – 17.00
    Mon - Fri: 10.00 - 14.30

    I hope you'll find this helpful :)
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  • support_squad23support_squad23 Posts: 113 The Mix Convert
    Hi @Morgan007

    Thank you for reaching out, I imagine the past few days have been filled with an array of emotions.

    I'm glad to see that you've been able to access your adoption file, you are deserving of being able to access your history and to learn of information which may be important to you. It makes sense that you're having a tough time figuring out how you feel, situations like these are complex and it is not uncommon to feel lost in it all. There is no one way you should feel at the moment.

    Likewise, it's understandable that you are unsure as to what help you need. Sometimes it can be hard to picture what could make things any easier. How do you feel about reaching out to AdoptionUk as @genderless_fungi has suggested? I see they also have a forum if you feel unable to access the helpline (https://www.adoptionukforum.org/).

    I have attached some other suggestions which may prove useful:

    By accessing these services, you may be supported in processing and understanding your adoption journey. You are worthy of receiving this care, such a time can be draining and confusing, so you shouldn't have to face it alone.

    Take care.
  • JustVJustV Community Manager Posts: 4,951 The Mix Elder
    amelia123 wrote: »
    Hello and thank you for the warm welcome! It's great to be a part of The Mix community. I'll be sure to check out the Community Guidelines and introduce myself soon. If I have any questions along the way, I'll definitely reach out to the Help Desk. Looking forward to engaging with this supportive space!
    Hey @amelia123, I've deleted your post and closed this thread as it's almost a year years old. Generally when a thread is older than a couple months, it's considered 'dead' and it's better to start a new discussion or post in a more relevant, newer one that's still active. :)
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