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Money issues

WillowWillow Posts: 59 Boards Initiate
I know I won't be the only one but I am sick and tired of having no money. I work a full time job and earn what I thought was a decent wage for someone my age. I have cancelled every subscription I had. I am down to only paying essential bills and rent. I have down to one meal a day. I can't afford new shoes so stuck with the ones that have water leaking in for winter. I can't get any help from the council cause of my salary. They don't seem to understand that if you live alone everything twice as expensive.

Just super tired of it all. Everytime I feel like I am getting out something drastic happens that ends up costing me more money. I just lost a 1/4 of my salary cause my company don't pay sick pay so only got SSP. So got no idea what I am doing for food next month. Just freaking out and tired of it all.

Do I take out a loan?


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