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Always get blamed for having depression

Kate_20Kate_20 Posts: 653 Incredible Poster
My family blame me on all of my depression symptoms. They think that the symptoms are all bad habits that I need to change. They said that I am someone who has no ability and I will be forever like this. They said that I would achieve nothing in my life. All my attempts of educating them have failed.
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  • jess63jess63 Posts: 284 The Mix Regular
    Hi @Kate_20

    I'm hearing that your family blame your depression symptoms on you and they think that the symptoms are just bad habits. That sounds really difficult. Depression symptoms are very real and definitely not just bad habits that can be changed.

    Young minds have information for parents whose children experience depression or low mood which may be useful https://www.youngminds.org.uk/parent/parents-a-z-mental-health-guide/depression-and-low-mood/

    We're all here for you, please keep us updated with how you're feeling :)
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  • AislingDMAislingDM Moderator Posts: 1,666 Extreme Poster
    That's so deeply exhausting for you @Kate_20 , having the people around you fundamentally dismissing the depths of your anguish is just unimaginable. They should be the people rallying around you, supporting you through each step of it, but instead you are left isolated and made to feel responsible for something that you cannot control, and that is certainly more of a burden for you :(

    I think it's such a common misconception that 1) depression is a 'choice' 2) that mental health needs and episodes can just be brushed under the carpet quickly. For most people, mental health needs can be life-long in some form or another and when our families become frustrated with this ongoing pain, it definitely makes us less willing to open up to them. It's no wonder this leaves you feeling so despondent. You have tried countless times to get them onside and to encourage them to learn more to help you better, yet you are met with resistance. This alone must leave you so depleted of energy.

    I am so glad that you are keeping us informed on here, and helping us to understand. You are a real asset to this community <3
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