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What topics should our drug support campaign cover?

HarryTHarryT Community Manager Posts: 320 The Mix Regular
'ey up legends,

We're currently planning our drug and alcohol support campaign, to run later this summer across The Mix's social media and digital channels. Do any of you have any ideas about the kinds of topics that you would like to see covered as part of this campaign? If you do it would be awesome if you could share them down below!

Our community champions have shared some great ideas already to get you started:
• Different types of drugs
• Health services for those struggling with drug use
• Coping with addiction
• Signs of county lines and drug based exploitation of young people

I should say that you don't have to have experience of substance use to take part, any and all ideas are welcome! You can also DM @TheMix if you'd rather let us know your thoughts privately.

Harry and the team
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    AislingDMAislingDM Moderator Posts: 1,666 Extreme Poster
    This might seem a silly suggestion, but help with understanding jargon surrounding drugs. Whether that's about paraphernalia like 'bongs' or something, or about slang terms for different drugs like 'Charlie = coke'. I feel like sometimes we are a bit embarrassed to ask for clarification when it comes to drugs because double-checking that 'Charlie doesn't mean MDMA?' can make us worry about others judging us/lack of 'drug-knowledge'.

    Just an idea <3
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