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i were thinking

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TW: Mention of abuse

y havent someone killed me yet.
would a facebook confession b enough 4 an s.assault b enough.
I h8 feeling like this, its not fun
i used to mention abuse in the first convo wen i used to tlk to ppl, it steered most of them away
at least i kaput a bee by throwing my plushy at it hahahaha
y does getting funding 4 accommodation take ages, is there a quicker way? rather than let the adults do it
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    That must be so heart breaking and isolating for you @ellie2000 :( feeling like the moment you bring up your experiences of abuse people are turned away is awful, and extremely undeserved. Being brave enough to talk about this trauma so quickly is already deeply impressive and to have people leave you feeling strange for doing so is very wrong.

    I'm wondering what sort of reaction would be best when you talk to people about abuse?


    This article also has some good advice about how to talk to people about abuse and trauma, I hope it can be of some use.

    Just mentioning that I also edited your post to add a trigger warning, only because the post begins with an intense question, so I just wanted members to be prepared for that. xxx
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  • ellie2000ellie2000 Posts: 2,726 Boards Champion
    i thought if i told ppl on first meeting wen they ask a triggering question, i would get more support. i tell the truth bout how i feeling to ppl. why does tht scare them?
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